by Yvonne Whittal

Somehow Gina felt threatenedHer rational mind told her she had no reason to fear Jarvis, yet something deep inside warned her of his power.Gina had had a schoolgirl crush on Jarvis.

But did Jarvis just want to acquire the Johannesburg property through her--or did he really want her for herself?

  • Language: English
  • Category: Harlequin
  • Rating: 3.04
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: October 23rd 1987 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 0373110383
  • Isbn13: 9780373110384

What People Think about "Eldorado"

Re Eldorado - YW brings us another angst fest galore in this one, for the wrecki-drama and HP OW craziness this one scores high - I leave it to the individual reader to decide if YW reallly makes it work in the end tho. The godmother lives in a magnificent house called Eldorado and during the visit it comes out that the mother got it from her estranged husband, who died fifteen years earlier. The godmother was married, they had a son and when they couldn't make the marriage work, the godmother demanded the husband's family home to live in. Both the godmother's husband and her son love the house immensely and feel it is part of their heritage. Both the godmother and the h's sister in law seem to feel that the h should be married and give her a bit of grief cause she hasn't gone out and fallen in love with the first man who looks at her. However the godmother's son is a big time womanizer and the h very sensibly decides that she can do better than a frequent patron of the lovely lady buffet. The h tries to deflect her godmother's questions about her love life by asking if she intends denying her son his family home. The godmother says she doesn't but she is obviously irate that her son hasn't married yet. The godmother does acknowledge that her and her dead husband's mistakes have probably put the son off marriage for life, but she has a very calculating gleam about her that causes the h some wariness as she takes her godmother's leave. The h and H marry and on the wedding day during the reception, the h finds out that the godmother made it a condition of inheritance that the H marry the h for a year and live in Eldorado - otherwise the house contents get sold and the house becomes a children's home. The h is upset and the H doesn't seem to get that sure, she is attracted to him but she wanted to be married for love and he lied about pretty much everything. She is also irked that the godmother is messing with her life this way and yet she doesn't want the H to lose his home, the whole family seems to be pretty ruthless manipulative users and the h is heartbroken and stuck, tho she gets some good verbal smackdowns in. This is the last straw for the h, she goes to the family lawyer and finds out that she and the H have to be married and both have to live at Eldorado for year for him to inherit but that doesn't preclude the h having a period away for a vacation if she wants it. She decides to go back to her dad's farm for a holiday, she leaves a note for the H and tells him she is going to think about her life. An epilogue a few years later would have been a big bonus and done a lot for reader reassurance, but since there was good chance the H was manipulating the h to keep his house and have his cake with his bit on the side, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that YW did not go there.

3.5 stars I first read this as a teenager years ago and became an instant Yvonne Whittal fan.

This only resolved when Jarvis files for divorce to show that his home doesn't mean as much to him as Georgina does.

I liked how he treated the evil OW and it was obvious to me he was in love with Gina from day one.

I am tired of all of these heroes who go to events, lunches, dinners, or to the houses of the PA/ex-girlfriend/client/whatever and then when the heroine gets insecure and questions them like Gina did to Jarvis, they get all upset and say "Oh you should learn to trust because I hate spiteful/jealous/suspicious women". But being caught with her 50 times out of 51 does make the h feel insecure and that is something to be addressed, not put off.