Nothing Changes Love

Nothing Changes Love

by Jacqueline Baird

Marry in haste, divorce at leisureLexi's husband of only one year was cheating on her.

Let Jake think that she was a cheap little gold digger.

She was going to leave him and start a new life!But, of course, Jake traced her to Italy and he wasn't about to let her forget that they were still legally married.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.38
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: June 23rd 1995 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373117574
  • Isbn13: 9780373117574

What People Think about "Nothing Changes Love"

Heroine interprets it as he has broken his marital vows, hero meant he isn't able to hang on to her family home if he wants to invest in a docklands real estate scheme. The hero is still smitten, the misunderstanding is so obvious that all the heroine's self-pity didn't move me. I thought their five year time out was probably a good thing.

Her doctor for the past twenty years (mistake!) tells her, "Some things in life, child, are just not meant to be." Her "handsome" husband (the doctor's words-male-no man says that!), Jake, has been told and arrives shortly thereafter. Jake tells her at one point that Lorraine is "strictly an employee, little one; you're the only woman for me, understand?" At the time, she had seen a "possessive glint" in the other woman's eyes couled with the "stunning brunette hanging on his arm." *SIGH* During the romance portion, there are big hints of Lorraine's feelings towards Lexi...she belives her to be a "mercenary little bit&" looking for someone to buy her family home to help with the bills. Lorraine makes some really nast and hurtful remarks regarding Lexi's miscarriage to which Jake only says "mind your business." WTF? Later on, Lexi's doctor says she should take a vacation to help wiht the depresssion so she packs a bag and shows up, unexpected, at "Jake's apartment" presumably in town. Well, guess what she finds: BREATHE * Jake and Lorraine in robes having a glass of wine on the balcony * Jake and Lorraine discussing Lexi * Jake telling Lorraine how he "broke his promise to Lexi"; "he can't tell her just yet" * Lorraine saying how Lexi will "find out anyway, and that will hurt a hell of a lot more" The conversation just gets more awful from there. She's shocked, naturally, says some parting words aimed to hurt and play up the "I'm just here for the money" persona Lorraine seems intent to thrust upon her. The pinnacle of stupidity begins after he has another fit when an attractive man gives Lexi an innocent gift followed closely by Lorraine digging her nails into Lexis bare shoulders capped off by Lexi catching Jake and Lorraine embracing after she was JUST beginning to believe in their love again. Jake, prince that he is, says he doesnt understand and thought that after their trip to Pompeii (turning point) things had begun to change but his first thought was, mercenary little bit*&, shes decided that flaming Arab was a better bet. Lorraine is a lesbian and he thinks she might have feelings for Lexi. Blah Blah Blah He does admit that he should have booted Lorraine during the whole miscarriage thing (phone message and her hurtful comments) but he was blinded by business.

Within 24 hours he pretty much takes over her life and 3 weeks after that they are married and Lexi is head over heels in love; I'm not so sure about Jake. He is ambitious to a fault and domineering in all aspects of his life; Lexi fits right in with is over all life plan because from the start she acquiesce towards all of his he-man behavior; she is so in awe of him that she can't think for herself and becomes the "little woman" to his "big strong" man. Reassured that she hasn't lost her marbles Lexi decides its time to try and mend the strained fences with Jake who by this time is living in London during the weeks subsequent to the miscarriage, because of the fact that Lexi has basically kicked him out of their bed and barely speaks to him when he is home. Fast Forward 5yrs Lexi is now 25yrs old a lot more mature and a little wiser; she is the General Manager for an exclusive boutique hotel in Italy that caters to the very wealthy, she is dating a man 15yrs her senior and thinking about becoming engaged to him, however before she can contemplate marrying him she must seek a divorce from her estranged husband. After nearly 5 yrs and no communication what so ever between the two Jake shows up in Italy and tells Lexi he won't grant her a divorce and that its time she assumed the role of his wife in all aspects and oh by the way I've brought the hotel your working in. At this point in the story Jake had not changed in the intervening years and as much as the author went through pains taking detail to convince the reader that Lexi was this strong, mature independent woman, it fell short because neither had Lexi changed much.

The first part of the book is absolutely riveting...but then it goes downhill when Jake comes back to claim her demanding she become his wife again. After 5 year separation, it's an easy no fault divorce. She walks out, disappears for 5 years, never takes a penny and he calls her mercenary?

Re Nothing Changes Love - Jacqueline Baird is doing Jacqueline Baird in this one, right up to the old skool bullying and semi-forced seduction. Of course our sweet little unicorn-petter is topsy turvy in love and of course her new beau's female assistant is looking like the h is the worm in her G&T. The OW Slime Snot of the Greater London Area then suggests offering the h a ton of cash and things will be fine, the h is a gold digger anyways. The h tells him she will take the cash option please and goes to her friend's house for comfort that her husband of just a few months must have married her for the house and now is cheating on her. Until the bully H, OW Slime Snot in tow, buys the hotel. So the H bullies the h into explaining her actions and it comes out that the h has believed the H was keeping the OW Slime Snot as his lover on the side, his actions during the miscarriage and the evening she left him five years ago prove that. The H also claims that he broke his promise not to sell the h's home, not his marriage vows, but he needed the cash and there was an offer on the table that would put him back in the black financially. While it is a far cry from JB's best, it does have it's little moments and you could do worse for a semi-really old skool HPlandia outing.

Loved it!

Lyexie just knows that Jake and his PA are involved because they spend too much time together. At times Jake and his PA are not pleasant to Lexie - they are both bossy and arrogant but Lexie is not as naive as she once was and tries to keep them from treating her as a child as they once did.

Jacqueline Baird was born on the 1st of April at home in a small village Northumbria, England, UK, where she raised. When her sons went to school all day she thought she would try writing one. Jacqueline Baird's been writing for Mills & Boon since 1988, and she still gets a thrill every time a new book is published.