The Man With The Getaway Face

The Man With The Getaway Face

by Richard Stark

Master thief Parker comes to a plastic surgeon in Nebraska with a face that the Outfit--the New York syndicate--wants to decorate with a bullet. But nothing can keep Parker away from his old life of crime--and the major heist of an armored car somewhere in New Jersey.

  • Series: Parker
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 4.02
  • Pages: 225
  • Publish Date: 1963 by Pocket Books

What People Think about "The Man With The Getaway Face"

He has a brand new face thanks to some nifty plastic surgery performed by an off the books doctor and is now in need of some quick cash to tide him over while he looks for his next big score. In order to solve his fiscal crisis, Parker reluctantly agrees to team up with an old associate and his new woman in order to plan and carry out an armored car heist. A sub-plot has Parker having to deal with a man named Stubbs who I thought wasone of the more interesting supporting characters from the first two books; 5.

Parker leaves Nebraska with a new face and a distinct lack of funds. The armored car scheme is dodgy at best and one of the partners is planning a double cross. Can Parker figure out who the trigger man was and clear his name,pull off the armored car robbery, and avoid the double cross?

Im not sure how Im going to work a line like Whos the bird dog on this one? Judging a book by its cover: I know they say youre not supposed to do that, but since not everyone will get their mitts on the 1984 vintage copy of Parker #2, Im sharing my thoughts. *Additionally, as Kemper pointed out in the comments, he '84 cover Parker, not Kemper may be donning a Member's Only jacket...

One of the nice things about this is that while theres an overall arc to the stories that make them rewarding if you read them all, they can also be enjoyed just as individual books. Theres usually a job with someone who cant be trusted along with some kind of outside circumstance screwing with Parkers well laid plans. Why cant we put together a job without an Alma in it?

a dual storyline: the one concerns a pretty conventional but extremely well-told armored car robbery; the other flips clean off the rails: the only guy who knows about parker's face-change surgery could reveal his identity and parker essentially shoves the guy in a sensory deprivation tank for two weeks -- when the guy breaks out his brains are all scrambled and he's on a mission. there's an interesting moment in which one of parker's team gives the guy in the tank (it's actually an underground fruit cellar, but might as well be a sensory deprivation tank) a flashlight to break the monotony. the guy wonders if parker allowed him the flashlight only to take it back -- as some kind of cruel joke. he understands that parker hasn't even considered what it must be like alone in the fruit cellar for two weeks and the sole reason he lets the guy out a few minutes per day for air and sunlight is that if the man croaks, it provides more complications for parker than allowing the man to live.

Parker is a bad man. Cold-blooded crook in the first degree, Parker has just undergone a necessary face change when he is drawn into a heist for the quick cash prospect. Otherwise it wouldn't have been much of a book...

This is the second book in Richard Stark's series about the amoral criminal, Parker. Complications arise at nearly every turn and, as always, much of the fun in reading these books is watching the way in which Parker deals with one crisis after another.

Though this book feels a little like a pit stop on the way to an inevitable showdown with the Outfit, it's entertaining enough and left me wanting to know what happens next!

The formula to the Parker novels is pretty straight forward, and I don't know how they are going to keep reading, like if I'll get bored with them or whatnot as I read through the first 18 or so, but after reading the last two I'm thinking they are the literary equivalent of The Ramones, they are simple and straight forward and at least when Dee Dee is writing the songs and he isn't too whacked out on smack and his own delusions they are borderline fun genius.