An Unusual Affair

An Unusual Affair

by Lindsay Armstrong

An Unusual Affair by Lindsay Armstrong released on Aug 25, 1993 is available now for purchase.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Harlequin
  • Rating: 3.09
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: October 1993 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373115938
  • Isbn13: 9780373115938

What People Think about "An Unusual Affair"

As the h immediately takes serious offence at his assumptions, she doesn't bother to correct the H and in fact, decides to encourage his error and remarks that her protector is named Joe. There is an unfortunate accident with a table where the h hurts her ankle and the H's friend, who is much more perceptive than the H, does NOT assume the h is any kind of tart or high class call girl whatsoever. He does notice that the h drives the H nuts tho and he isn't sure if that is a good thing or not, but he appreciates the h's challenge for his friend. The next bits are the h and H verbally battling it out, as the H continuously trespasses through the h's back yard to enter her house and harass her, kidnaps her for forced outings to continue the sexual harassment and then takes the h to his high society friend's house party weekend and introduces her to his cast iron witch mother as his fiancee. The h is fine with it, she has explained that she can't meet his low minded requirements as either a mistress or a wife and that he is a very far cry from any ideals she has about what makes a man acceptable. The H eventually tracks her down, and after a pretty smug, egocentric speech about how hot he is, how all the women want him and how great he was at loving up the h, he has decided to be a volunteer doctor and work in the field with the h for one whole year - so they can get married and he supposedly loves her and this way they can get it out of his system. The h is so befuddled by the lurve mojo force that she agrees, after getting a few pretty decent verbal digs in, and we leave the two of them contemplating marriage and the plains of Africa for the big HP HEA. His judgments and assumptions were just plain nasty and pretty hard to understand, especially since he has six sisters and he definitely wasn't missing out on the high society lady buffet. (HPlandia h requirements being what they are, the h had to devolve to get to the HEA unfortunately and I wasn't liking that.) I liked the h for the most part, but her characterization was too uneven to be a good foil for the H's lack of growth in the book.

The hero's concluding explanation for all his bad behavior is the typical verbal diarrhea that is tacked on at the end of most novels in this genre and just as frustrating and unconvincing (I loved you even when I thought you were a whore, I bought you a ring even though I partly felt disgusted with you, If I wanted a conventional wife, I had dozen of proper candidates groveling at my feet, I hurt you only because I thought I was losing you, etc.) and the heroine eats it up.

Reason I love this book: None. Reason I'm going to probably give this book 3 stars: she DID leave him, HE did have to go after her, when she really didn't give an inch to be honest, even though she felt miserable without him and considered being a trophy wife for about 3 sentences altogether, she did choose the career over him. This book was all about the heroine. This book was all about the heroine. He automatically assumed heroine was a high class hooker the night before because ...I have NO clue. 'it crossed my mind last night that you might be a high-class hooker THE FUCK? 2. Came back to ASK what's going on, and hey if thinks are EXACTLY what it looks like, no judgement lady, can we still be friends? 3. He gave the background story of Mel to the heroine, as exactly that, background story, NOT an excuse and agreed that he is a SOB. 4. he wholeheartedly agreed that just because Mel is a genius he doesn't have ANY right to look down at anyone, and if he made snap judgement at heroine just by looking at the house, that makes him not so genius anymore. 5. He saw EXACTLY what Mel saw, at NO point did he even think hooker, whore or mistress!

Surgeon hero has just bought the townhouse next door and meets the heroine when he pursues a cat that's been in his house. (view spoiler) Hero first wants the heroine for a fling and then getting to know her better. Hero is from a wealthy family and his mother wants him to marry, so he talks heroine into going to a house party with him to block any potential fiances being foisted upon him. Will travel with heroine to Africa and pitch in at a hospital wherever she gets a position.

She is absolutely convinced that a relationship between them could never work.

Rachel cant refuse, although the cottage is really Sams former love nest and the furnishings are rather risqué. One look at the interior of the cottage, and Mel jumps to the conclusion that Rachel is a kept woman. Mels a bit of an arrogant SOB but when it comes to his work hes filled with compassion and dedication.

Lindsay Armstrong was born in South Africa. Lindsey met her New Zealand-born husband, who had been working in WestAfrica, when he was on his way home through Johannesburg. He did go home butin a matter of weeks he was back in South Africa, and six months later theywere married.