Blood Pact

Blood Pact

by Tanya Huff

It began with the call no daughter ever wants to get, the call that told private investigator Vicki Nelson her mother had died.

Mrs. Nelson's coworker at the Queen's University Life Science Department told Vicki that the cause of death was a heart attack, and that they'd be waiting for her to arrive in Kingston to make the funeral arrangements.

For when Marjory Nelson's body mysteriously disappeared from the funeral home, Vicki, her sometime lover and fellow investigator, vampire Henry Fitzroy, and her former homicide squad partner, Detective-Sergeant Mike Celluci, realized that there was something unnatural about her mother's demise.

  • Series: Vicki Nelson
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 3.82
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: December 2nd 2004 by Little, Brown
  • Isbn10: 1841493597
  • Isbn13: 9781841493596

What People Think about "Blood Pact"

It's Vicki Nelson calling: the private investigator from Toronto." BLOOD PACT is the 4th offering from Tanya Huffs Blood (Ties) series. Private Investigator Vicki Nelson is as inflexible and tough as ever and even though shes still managing to sleep with both of them its a mystery to me why either Henry or blue collar cop Mike Celluci would love her because shes not really a very likeable person. Knowing that the Ontario police arent going to invest much time in looking for a body Vicki sets out on her own to find her Frankenstein mother.

With the Vicky Nelson series, Canadian author Tanya Huff has created an inventive and fun set of stories based in Toronto, where Vicky Nelson an ex-cop with degenerative eye disease and an assertive personality meets Henry Fitzroy, vampire, 450 years old. In 'Pact' the series takes a dark twist, instead of Vicky being pulled into a supernatural investigation because of her civilian job as a PI, this time it is personal.

I do not remember really much of previous book, surely I know the characters and all but not exactly what happened before. Also, another difference is that because the book were published years ago it feels a little bit like reading about the past when it comes to technology and so. Another male character in the book is Mike Celluci who was Vicki's partner and is still a policeman. PLUS: This book and series in general are very easy read. The thing is you do not have to remember anything or go re-read previous book just so you could continue with the series All you need to know is main character which really easy.

Huff does an amazing job here in taking a character who has appeared on maybe one page of writing over all the previous books (and who has never actually 'appeared' they have just been a voice at the end of the phone)- Victorys mother - kills her and makes us feel so so bad that she is dead. Huff does a nice job of twisting the knife in - after spending the book trying to find each other we are treated to these final words between the pair: " you...

Mais la ou sur les tomes précédents on avait quand même le suspense de ne pas savoir qui est ce criminel, ici ce n'est pas le cas. On a aussi l'occasion de voir une situation ou Henry n'est pas du tout a son avantage, et c'est aussi un point que j'aime bien dans cet univers, les vampires ne sont pas trop puissants, ils ont des failles, ils peuvent être pris. On aurait bien vu ce genre de fin à la toute fin de la série, ou au contraire vers le début annonçant le reste, mais la voir arriver sur le tome 4/6 c'était vraiment surprenant !

Not sure that I can write a non-spoiler review of this one. On one hand, it was a nicely bittersweet ending to see both Mike and Henry ready to give her up in order to see her survive. A sort of natural ending book.

I read about 1/3 into this book and came to the conclusion that I do not enjoy these stories, the writing, nor the characters to some extent. Once again Vicky was bordering on abrasive and I did not enjoy the way she showed her independence, leaving Celluci and Henry in her dust whilst coming to grips with a personal situation.

Spent eight years working at Bakka, North America's oldest surviving science fiction book store: Change Of Hobbit in California was actually a very little bit older but unfortunately it was a casualty of the recession in '91. During those eight years, while working full-time, I wrote seven books (the first seven, except for the original draft of CHILD), and nine short stories. In 1992, after living in downtown Toronto, a city of nearly three million, for thirteen years, I moved with two large cats, one small psychotic cat, and my partner out to a rented house in the middle of nowhere. In the years since, we've purchased the house, buried two of the original cats, replaced them with three more felines and, unintentionally, acquired a Chihuahua.