Courting Miss Hattie

Courting Miss Hattie

by Pamela Morsi

The news spread like brush fire through the whole county when widower Ancil Drayton announced his intention to start courting Miss Hattie Colfax.

But wasn't a twenty-nine-year-old lady farmer too old to catch a husband?An Irresistible Suitor.All his life handsome, black-haired Reed Tyler had worked Miss Hattie's farm--and dreamed of one day settling down on his own piece of land with the pretty young woman he'd sworn to marry.

and Reed knew nothing would bank the blaze--and that his best friend was the only woman he would ever love.From the Paperback edition.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.02
  • Pages: 292
  • Publish Date: November 4th 1998 by Bantam
  • Isbn10: 0553761951
  • Isbn13: 9780553761955

What People Think about "Courting Miss Hattie"

Miss Hattie is a plain Jane and almost everyone in the community calls her horse face because of her big teeth. The hero teaching her how to kiss so she could use it on her suitor,his jealous antics after she does, and miss Hatti's genuine happiness at finally being wanted by a man. The suitor didn't really want Miss Hattie at all, he was just using her to get her land and was still calling her horse face behind her back and saying he wasgonna get some children off her by covering her face with a bag. Why couldn't the suitor really want to Marry her for herself?! Come on, even in real life some men actually look beyond the surface, especially a man like that idiot suitor which had absolutely nothing good going on for him. The author couldn't leave it at that, the poor girl had to be humiliated by that slime scum crap bag still calling her horse face after she agrees to marry him.

I love how the author reveals his feelings for Hattie...even without Reed's being able to put a name to such just yet. Edit: Don't be thrown off by the $$$ listing on Amazon. You can find a used copy for cheap on or by clicking the plus sign next to the Paperback listing on Amazon, which will reveal a drop down menu that includes a 1991 edition.

This book is written with Morsi's trademark charm. She manages to write books with romantic tension and dubious characters who end up surprising us with their graciousness. In this book, there were so many references to Hattie's horse face and wide grin, that I just didn't feel the lust.

The heroine is 29 and a spinster and plain looking so everyone thinks she doesn't want romance in life but that is not the case, she yearns for family and romance and when a widower with seven kids declares his intention to court her, she is very happy.

Until she attracts the eye of a widowed farmed with seven children, desperately seeking for a mother for his little ones, that begins to court her with marriage in mind. Hattie, who'd agreed to the courtship out of a mix of desperation and longing, since she's never attracted anyone and doesn't want to miss her chance to have the family she wants, is hurt.

I thought Hattie was an interesting character, although she does have self-esteem issues when it comes to her looks. What I like most about this book is how the relationship between Hattie and Reed develops slowly over time. The banter between them is really sweet and at times laugh-out-loud funny, especially when local widower Ancil (who has 7 kids) decides to officially 'court' Hattie. There is much more to the story than Hattie and Reed's growing relationship and the secondary characters add so much extra to the story.

Then everything gets turned on it's head when the local widower decides to start courting Miss Hattie. The story is rich with history and realistic to the times, yet still romantic and super sexy. I just loved Reed and Hattie!!

Miss Hattie Colfax is a 29 year old spinster who has been successfully running her small town Arkansas farm with the help of her 25 year old best friend/ neighbor, Reed Tyler. When she gets news that recent widower, Ancil Drayton ( one of her childhood tormentors)has decided to court her, she realizes that this may be her only opportunity to have the life she always dreamed of..

In Courting Miss Hattie, Morsi once again sets her story in an Arkansas farming community and captures both time and place. She tells the story of Miss Hattie, a 29-year-old spinster who has never been courted, until now. In Miss Hattie, Morsi again works with a character that is viewed as different by her community. Courting Miss Hattie is a wonderful friends to lovers romance. But, I think their overall joy and laughter in the midst of the discovery of their passion and love is what makes this romance stand out for me. The secondary characters are very much a part of Courting Miss Hattie and complete this romance. In Courting Miss Hattie youll find a beautifully written, well-developed, passionate romance, with a friends to lovers theme, and an unforgettable secondary, lively cast of characters that has more to offer than your every day fare.

She broke into publishing in 1991 with Heaven Sent and has been gracing readers with at least a book a year ever since.