by Meg Tilly

War-torn Afghanistan could not seem farther from Newfoundland, but it is about to change twelve-year-old tomboy Jack Cooper (or Jacqueline, as her mother insists on calling her) forever.

Worried that they will be abandoned again if Gran moves into a retirement home, Jack puts on a brave face and encourages Tessa and Simon to take on the challenges of their new life.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 233
  • Publish Date: September 11th 2007 by Tundra Books
  • Isbn10: 0887768105
  • Isbn13: 9780887768101

What People Think about "Porcupine"

With bills piling up, and things looking grimmer and grimmer, Jack is surprised when her mother pulls her out of school for a visit to a great-grandmother Jack didn't even know she had. And I loved the great-grandmother's toughness, which you could see mirrored in Jack.

This book is about a young girl and her family and how she deals with hardships in her life. I dont exactly know how this impacts the reader's understanding of the book, but it could be saying that life is sometimes hard representing the porcupines sharp quills, but if you try hard to make the best of it, then it will turn out alright which represents when the porcupines quills are not up and ready for defense. The mood also impacts the readers understanding of the book because if the young girls family wasnt having such a rough time then everything would be pretty normal and the family would be at their own home continuing with their normal ways. We can predict that the family had to go live with their great grandma because the mother couldnt pay for the power since the father wasnt there to provide for the family anymore. Overall this is a good book for people to picture what can happen in life and how to deal with what happens, try your best with a cheerful attitude, and maybe something good come out of something difficult.

Jack being a thirteen-year-old girl, no matter how strong she wanted to be seen, was just a little girl. This book doesn't give us perfection, nor happy ending, but it gives us hope--that even when things don't work like we want them to, just hang on because that's what life is: a process.

it was just soo great a book you will never get tired of reading.

Meg Tilly, yes the actress from The Big Chill, tries her hand and YA fiction and starts off well.

Jacqueline is feeling very comfortable right now, but her mom said that it is enough looking at the window. People travel from all over the world to see these icebergs, and I get to hop up on my window and see them for free, Jacqueline said, (page 2) Once the icebergs were gone Jacqueline stopped washing the window and saw her brother Simon that just came from his dad workshop. 2 Jacquelines dad went running to the war and didnt think about his family, the only thing he was focused on was the war. (Jacqueline page 154) Crying and screaming for a whole day Jacqueline cant stop thinking about her dad and why is he now in the war fighting. After, one whole day of war Jacqueline waits for her dad to open the secret room. Jacquelines dad said that he will come to open the secret room after the war. I thought dad said that the war will be a day long why didnt he open the secret room yet? (Jacqueline page 159) Jacquelines mom crying because she remembered that her husband told her if he doesnt open the secret room after the war it means he is dead. (Jacquelines mom page 165) Jacqueline couldnt find her dad and sat down watching all he dead people.

Jack mempunyai dua orang adik Tessa dan Simon, yang sejujurnya hubungan mereka tidak terlalu akrab. Namun, ternyata Tessa juga beranggapan serupa bahwa Jack adalah anak kesayangan Dad mereka. Mom lalu memutuskan untuk pindah ke rumah buyut yang selama ini tidak mereka kenal. Semua menjadi makin berat takkala Mom mereka memutuskan pergi dan meninggalkan mereka untuk tinggal di rumah buyut yang sebetulnya tidak menerima kehadiran mereka dengan tulus. Jack-Simon-Tessa mau tidak mau harus saling membantu. Tidak mudah memang, terlebih selama ini hubungan mereka sedikit kaku.

ketika kita kehilangan seorang ayah, seakan semua orang lalu menyerahkan kewajiban dan tanggung jawab kepada anak pertama. karena pada saat kehilangan itu, istrilah yang paling histeris dan... tanggung jawab melakukan segala na, orang yang dituntut untuk berpikiran normal adalah si anak pertama. lalu kenapa rhe yang harus bersikap paling tenang menghadapi semua na itu. dan untunglah adik-adik manja na perlahan mau menjadi pribadi yang mandiri juga sehingga akhir na jack bisa menjadi diri na kembali. 'kenapa harus ayah rhe?' pertanyaan itu selalu muncul saat melihat pasangan ayah-anak di mana aja. masih beruntung rhe dibanding jack, setidak na dalam keadaan seperti itu, kami tidak ditelantarkan oleh ibu.