Talking About Sex...

Talking About Sex...

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Jess Harkins has started construction on a sixty-story office tower next to Katie's quaint local radio station.

But Katie especially dislikes having her view blocked by the guy who turned down the chance to be her "first".

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.66
  • Pages: 250
  • Publish Date: September 27th 2005 by Harlequin Blaze
  • Isbn10: 037379214X
  • Isbn13: 9780373792146

What People Think about "Talking About Sex..."

I like Thompson and I think she was trying to go for sexy, but she was failing miserably here. The two main problems with the book are a.) the sex is not sexy and seems to generate from a 13, 14, or 15-year-old's ideas about sex; and b.) Katie is an asshole. Jess is a construction foreman and Katie is a radio talk show host who hosts a late-night sex advice show. Jess's construction crew is getting ready to knock down the little house Katie broadcasts out of - a house that also happens to be her (now dead) Grandmother's. This is still very rare, even in the 2000s when you think authors would feel like it is okay to show females having sexual agency. "Jess, I'm supposed to be kissing you, not the other way around." He groaned in frustration. He could easily get lost in the hot blue depths of her eyes, but he wanted to work this out in his head, so he forced himself to concentrate on the matter at hand. If you want to have sex with me now, after all this time, I want you to take the passive role. CARMEN interjects "He tried to tell you, you wouldn't listen." Also, people have a right to refuse sex. "But I think I need to talk about it." This is good, I'm glad she's asserting herself like this. "I'm not leaving." If she wanted him to suffer a little, he'd suffer. You see, I wanted sexual knowledge." She paused. You deserved more." "So what do you think of an upstairs bedroom in a frat house with a party going on down below?" Jess closed his eyes as if that would block out the image of Katie with some idiot college kid who didn't know what a treasure he had. Clueless and scared I wouldn't make it good for you." Of course there's a billion questions and issues that arise from just this one conversation, but this isn't a sexual theory book and also I found it quite realistic and touching. That wouldn't be a a bad idea, but it wasn't his ultimate goal. - This conversation about him going down on her: "Let me know when you're ready to leave." His voice held no urgency. "Good to know." "A lot." "Anytime." ANYTIME. "I'll make you come or die trying." "That sounds a little extreme." THE BAD Sigh. Not only are Katie and Jess idiots, but all the side characters down to the people who are in only one scene are complete morons. Example: Katie says on her show that men who are construction workers have sexual inadequacies and IMMEDIATELY EVERYONE believes her. Three: the fact that he feels like he has to memorize - what a joke, it's barely anything - lines in order to let women down gently. Four: Lines like this don't work on reality shows! That he ever thought this would be a good idea means he's an idiot, the fact that she's completely fine with this makes her an idiot. o.O I was like "The Fuck?" The heroine is TURNED ON BY SEEING NOVELTY PENIS-SHAPED CANDLES. They'd looked erotic at the time, and now, thrown into this Jess mess, they seemed blatantly sexual. Please, man, for the love of all that is good, SCRAPE YOUR DIGNITY OFF THE FLOOR AND LEAVE THE ROOM. It felt really good to laugh so hard and so long, but I don't think I was supposed to be laughing. I think Thompson was trying to make this genuinely sexy. Actually, this whole book's idea of sex - for the most part - is very 'novelty shop.' The aforementioned candle sex. Jess is just a straightforward guy who has sex. Katie is into all the bells and whistles, and VERY into obeying 'Cosmopolitan sex,' you know, lists like '24 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life!' are her jam. He seems to be in awe of her because she does stuff like initiates sex, masturbates in front of him, suggests using fuzzy handcuffs, and other extremely mild 'kinky' stuff. Is she more 'experienced' than him simply because she does stuff like have food sex and have blindfolded sex? If he'd accepted Katie's offer on prom night, he wouldn't be here feeling at a decided disadvantage with a woman who'd become extremely worldly. She's not 'extremely worldly.' She's just sexually adventurous. "I didn't know we were keeping score." "We're not, but I was hoping the first time that I could last longer." Because a woman like you would probably expect that. does NOT make you 'a bad boy.' It's ridiculous what a shallow and strange idea of sexuality this book has. It annoys me when people who have more sexual experience than their partner (real or imagined, I guess) lord it over the other person and rub it in the other person's face all that time. Also, perhaps I'm naïve, but I think two people coming together are a fresh start and can always find things to learn about the other and love, kindness, respect... Poor Jess - who by the way has JUST as much practical experience in bed as Katie - feels inferior and lost and less-than because she is 'wilder' (I'm saying this in the most mild, extremely gentle 'kink' way) than he is and it's just garbage in my opinion. I'm fine with Katie being the sexual aggressor. I'm fine with her making Jess grovel and beg for sex. I think we need time to get reacquainted, don't you?" "Like this? What kind of ridiculous idea is - " Later in the book, she gives him a blowjob and then just LEAVES her own house. I'm totally fine if people want to do just oral sex. But if you are going to limit it to that (which is FINE) I think you need to make it clear to your partner what is up before just abruptly being like, "Okay, thanks, bye!" She's deliberately fucking with him and I'm not happy about it. But she always makes it seem like they are going to have sex and then fucks with him because she thinks it's funny. Apparently, after having P-in-V sex, he's supposed to declare his love or some shit. She also gets angry with him when she finds out he thinks he is like a sexual guinea pig for her. Welp, that's all you've been talking about / saying to this poor guy, and now you are mad that he thinks he's a lab experiment?! Then, in what to me is one of the most KEY ASSHOLE MOVES, she LEAVES HIM ALONE IN BED TO WAKE UP BY HIMSELF AFTER SEX. c.) Tell him/her you are leaving after you two have sex but before she/he falls asleep! It says: Jess, thank you for a great time. - At one point Katie advises people listening to her show to bite their partners breasts and penii. o.O The best thing about the book was that it made me laugh A LOT. Even though a lot of the laughing was probably caused unintentionally on the part of the author, it felt really good.

I really liked this a lot and though i'm keeping this for rereads i can't say that i loved it. I liked the conflict between these two and the sparks it created made for an entertaining read but it drove me nuts that they refused to verbally express their feelings for each other for pretty much the entire book.

Rechazó solo tener su primera vez con ella en el asiento trasero de un coche, porque quería algo bonito, especial para ella, pero la estúpida se lo tomó como un rechazo y no le dio ni la oportunidad de explicarse. No porque no hubiese sido Célibe, sino por su intención ruin y bajuna de hacerle pasar un mal momento, de herirlo, cuando él solo quería algo especial para ella. Todavía me parece patético que el Héroe ande detrás de ella rogando amor y perdón.

Sin embargo la locutora había empezado a decir en antena que cualquier hombre empeñado en levantar un edificio tan alto sin duda quería compensar algún tipo de carencia

Monday through Friday nights, after the nine o'clock news, her job is to host Talking About Sex, a radio show devoted to all things sexual. The fact that Jess Harken of Harken Construction is in charge of building it only adds to her mix of misery and come-uppance-Jess was the boy who turned down her sexual offers on prom night all those years ago, and there's no time like the present to let him know exactly how she feels. Sure, he remembers Katie, even remembers how and why he turned down her offer on prom night.

It wasnt just the humor and wit of the story that made it such a hit but the storyline itself, I guess. I truly liked the idea that the characters have known each other since high school.

The story doesn't delve too deeply into how it all began, but she does realize she doesn't want to loose control to Jesseagain, seems the last time she did, was in High School, and he turned her down.

This doesn't bode well for this author as I am often annoyed with her Werewolf series and had to give up the audiobooks of that one (but was going to give book 3 in that series a chance by actually reading it instead of listening to it.) It is very rare that I don't finish a book.

oooo this book was so hot it about burned me up!