Superman:  The Never-Ending Battle

Superman: The Never-Ending Battle

by Roger Stern

Green Lantern.They are the world's greatest super heroes, fighting endly against corruption and injustice.

Each of them alone is a formidable opponent of evil, but banded together their powers are unmatched.

Ever ready,they stand united as the --JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICAA mysterious super-terrorist has devised a master plan to bring the world to its knees, using the planet's own weather as a weapon against Superman and his teammates in the JLA.

But the conflict raises troubling questions for the Man of Steel about authority, justice, power and the price of liberty in a world where the enemies of freedom stand on the brink of victory.

What People Think about "Superman: The Never-Ending Battle"

There was a lot of Batman in this book, and I loved those scenes. I think there was more of Batman in this book, than in his own book.

That's both good and bad - he has a strong handle on what makes that character tick, writes the supporting cast well, and nails a few outstanding scenes between Superman and Flash and later Superman and Batman.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash all have their own book where they are the main character. That's not to say that Superman, for instance, is the only character in the Superman novel but rather he is the main focus of the novel with the other members of the Justice League playing more minor roles. Each one focuses on one aspect of the hero and as you can see from the cover of this novel it's the iconic 'S' as the shirt rips open for Superman. The storyline sees the various members of the Justice League battling the weather. One member of the Justice League not battling the weather is Batman.

Overall 3/5 Story 3/5 Re-Readability 2/5 Characters 2/5 Roger Stern proves what didnt need proving he can write a solid, middle-of-the-road, decently crafted comic book as a novel. Story: This could be a comic book. The biggest problem is, like any other stand-alone comic book (think of a giant-size annual here), there is no real progress or change between the beginning and the end. No comics were harmed in the publication of this book. Everyone goes through their paces, but Ive seen Justice League cartoons that taught me more about the characters than this novel does which is a shame, because in book form, that sort of insight and introspective is a lot easier to do than in a cartoon or a comic book. Again, this feels like a stand-alone annual or giant-size or guest writer fill-in, solid but unremarkable, and while it was fun to read (especially after the last JLA novel I read), I cant say much more than that.

That seems unnecessary, since this is a Superman book. It's really boring, but the book description says a supervillian will come along to control the weather later, so I guess this is the set up. The man, Adam, who was looking for the guy in the bar has turned into an awesome character. "It is both wasteful and unbecoming." Chapter 2 Superman had been the first of an new generation of champions. This is a book about the Justice League not just Superman. This book is not trying to show who Superman really is on the inside.

Being a Superman fan I ordered this book from the Paperback swap site some time ago. Since I've been going through the Superman novel type reading phase, here we are. Batman was great as always and I thought well-stayed to, as was Superman.

Duration: 6 hours GraphicAudio promises "A Movie In Your Mind" and they come awfully close with 29 actors, special effects, music and a go-go-go plot. Really, the plot is just an excuse to look at Superman, his life, his fears and how he moves past them, his influences, his philosophy and how he inspires and supports the rest of the Justice League.

I will warn you though that at times it drags SO badly; this novel touches on a lot, too much in my opinion, to the point where while I was reading it I just wanted it to end after a while.