World as Lover, World as Self

World as Lover, World as Self

by Joanna Macy

This overview of Joanna Macy's innovative work combines deep ecology, general systems theory, and the Buddha's teachings on interdependent co-arising. A blueprint for social change, World as Lover, World as Self shows how we can reverse the destructive attitudes that threaten our world.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Religion
  • Rating: 4.25
  • Pages: 252
  • Publish Date: September 1st 1991 by Parallax Press
  • Isbn10: 0938077279
  • Isbn13: 9780938077275

What People Think about "World as Lover, World as Self"

Joanna Macy's approach to the problem of radioactive waste, however, suffers from her own admitted fear and despair of the issue. I'd read Parts One and Two, which deal primarily with Buddhism, a third time.

this book might be considered to be "eco-buddhist" in the sense that it reflects an understanding of buddhism, but also a deep love for the world, the creatures and plants in the world, and a desire to help do whatever possible to help human beings survive indefinitely into the future. and when you combine that concept with ecology, then what you desire is for every natural place to survive, with all of the trees, all of the plants, all of the animals, free of pollution or threat from human beings' destructiveness.

Since I slowed down and immersed myself in this book, I have found my own thinking to be more holistic.

She has written other books as well; I will be reading them all!

The average reader ratings of Joanna Macys book were sky-high for both Goodreaders (n=126) 4.35 of 5, and Amazon rankers (n=11) 5.0 of 5. Joanna Macys work* brings my mind, spirit, and action home. 11 Her words invite us to learn our world anew, to notice, to feel deeply, to change, and to act. Learning from Joanna Macys words: I cant even begin to put into words how important this book is. (NM) The books title suggests that people tend to view the world in one of at least four ways: as battlefield, as trap in which the world is viewed as a tempter, ensnaring us in its web, and that our job is to transcend this existence to free ourselves from it-TOD, as lover or as self. I particularly like the guided meditations that are found throughout the book, especially the Meditations in Deep Time section where we reconnect with the beings of the past and the future and ultimnately with Gaia herself. Joannas political engagement led her to say, both the progressive destruction of our world, and our capacity to stop that destruction, can be understood as a function of our experience of time. The most powerful point Joanna Macy makes is that we DONT have to feel sure of success, or certain of failure, to rise up and try to save the world for our grandchildren. Joanna Macy is impatient with those of us who are content to feel good and be in the now. Joanna Macy teaches, in World as Lover and in Active Hope that the road to hope and connection is through despair for the world. Im not eager to be critical of that fear: radioactive waste is a scary-ass problem; however, in order to see the issue more clearly, I think its important for readers to be willing to do widen their perspective beyond Macys. World as Lover is a catalyst; we are changed by it I read an earlier version of this book when I was nineteen, sitting in a college library. (NM) For real spirituality, for a view of the self and the world both exhilarating and useful see Joanna Macy. She is helping us re-imagine time, the world and the self. (GD) Buddhist, Environmentalist, Philosopher, translator of Rilke all wrapped into a book that helps you when you feel so discouraged by the state of the world. (AM) Joanna Macy promotes the desire to help do whatever possible to help human beings survive indefinitely into the future. (GD) Macys careful understanding of Buddhism leads beyond the self and the moment, and requires a focus on the well-being of the world. (AL) This book may be a bit slow going for those who are not particularly interested in Buddhist thinking, but the second half is astounding, motivating, comforting, fresh, and even exhilarating. Ive been practicing meditation for years and my experience brought me to the same life-affirming conclusion that Joanna Macy expresses in this book. (CHA) This is the second time Ive read this book. (RM) I would recommend this book as a primer for those serious activists and nascent Buddhists, as well as a resource of insight for those exploring the connection of social activism and spirituality.(AL) If Eckhart Tolle provide first-class undergraduate work in human psychology and meditation practice, Joanna Macy takes us to graduate school.

She jumps right into a view of ecology and environmental awareness that is definitely happening now, but wasnt nearly so talked about when the book was written.

I came to realize during that conversation that I can work against depression on an individual self level, I could talk all day about that, but that there was something else he was getting at. This book is about a lot of things. I realized a lot of the ideas in the book I already have and already came to in my life by my life.