An Unlikely Governess

An Unlikely Governess

by Karen Ranney

Impoverished and untitled, with no marital prospects or so much as a single suitor, Beatrice Sinclair is forced to accept employment as governess to a frightened, lonely child from a noble family - ignoring rumors of dark intrigues to do so.

And she admits a fascination with the young duke's adult cousin, Devlen Gordon, a seductive rogue who excites her from the first charged moment they meet.

But she dares not trust him - even after he spirits them to isolation and safety when the life of her young charge is threatened.Devlen is charming, mysterious, powerful - and Beatrice cannot refuse him.

But what are Devlen's secrets?

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.74
  • Pages: 374
  • Publish Date: December 27th 2005 by Avon
  • Isbn10: 0060757434
  • Isbn13: 9780060757434

What People Think about "An Unlikely Governess"

The job she finds is one who never would have imagine- a governess to a young duke who has felt the pain of lost like Beatrice. These emotions are put to the test when she finds herself and Devlen protecting the young Duke life from someone out to kill him. Beatrice could be clever or standoffish, but as she grew to understand Robert and love Devlen, these emotions which she forced down, started to rise up. Devlen Gordon, could light as many candles as he wanted as long as I could curl up to him. Devlen grew up with a father whom wanted to be the duke and the want to reach for more and more, even trying to push the night away by lighting all the candles he wanted to chase the night away, a night he loved but sometimes hated the dark. While Beatrice pushed down her emotions, Devlen lived to work. Through his growing love with Beatrice, Devlen starts to see theres more to life then just making money. Devlen teaches Beatrice about trust, love, and enjoying the simple things in life. One scene I felt really hit the nail on the head, showing how both Devlen and Beatrice start to fll in love by actions, words and conservation...... I was stuck once again in the heart by Devlen and by his words, was it at all a surprise to me that Beatrice fell in love with him?

And she admits a fascination with the young duke's adult cousin, Devlen Gordon, a seductive rogue who excites her from the first charged moment they meet. Robert, the 7-year-old duke who is Beatrice's charge, is actually under Devlen's father's guardianship and he is one of the questionable characters. If Robert died Cameron Gordon would become the Duke and though he may be confined to a wheelchair, he could still be orchestrating the attempts on Richard's life ... COMMENTS: For the first 20 pages or so I was not sure whether I would even like the book; I loved Beatrice and Devlen immediately, but their initial interactions were somewhat strange and I wasn't sure I would find their romantic relationship believable or compelling. The supporting characters were very compelling and the mystery remained one until the end - I was never really sure who was behind the attempts on Robert's life.

Pero le pongo 5estrellas porque logra lo que pocas novelas pueden: engancharme de principio a fin y que pueda realmente disfrutarlo. Al principio, cuando vi que tiene más peso la relación de ella con su pupilo que el romance, y que lo primero que tienen los protas es esta atracción infernal por el otro, solo me quedé rogando que la autora no lo arruinara con algun Creo que me estoy enamorado en poco tiempo. Era bonito verlos juntos, porque me hace pensar que a larga las cosas funcionarían de verdad, cuando no puedan pasar todo el tiempo en la cama. El final es cuando todo decae un poco, pero disfruté tanto leerlo, que le dejo las estrellitas.

Beatrice's life has been more than a little difficult and we meet her just as she hits rock bottom, with everyone she loves gone, no way to support herself and one very last, slim hope that she might be able to find employment at Castle Crannoch.

En general me ha gustado la manera de actuar de los personajes sobre todo de los principales aunque nunca entenderé esa manía de (view spoiler)huir para acabar en el primer sitio que sabes que te van a buscar.

Assim, além de proteger seu coração Beatrice terá que proteger o garoto das ameaças de morte. Há um ar de mistério no ar o que me agradou bastante, além das cenas quentes entre os personagens.

She's also your usual I was so sinful because I want to bang that oh so handsome dude historical heroine. 4. Cameron : Devlen's father, who's bounded to the wheelchair because of carriage accident, which also killed Robert's parents and making him the Duke's guardian. 5. Rowena: Cameron's second wife (Devlen's stepmother) who adored Cameron a lot, like a lot lots. It should be an intriguing book, if not for the instalust and the repeating I long to bang Devlen/Beatrice inner monologue. The conclusion: (view spoiler)the someone who tried to harm Robert turned out to be Rowena's maid because she wanted Rowena to reconcile with Cameron. Because Rowena ordered the doctor to cut off Cameron's leg when he's injured in the carriage accident, when it really wasn't necessary at all. "Do you know what it's like to love, Miss Sinclair? "Why?" "Why does one cage a bird, Miss Sinclair, but to hear it sing?

It's one of those historicals where the sense of values congruent with past times is not established much at all, except in minor references to things we don't deal with much today, like stays and cholera. In terms of the romance, apart from wickedly glinting eyes (or something like that), I'm not sure what the hero's big draw was for the heroine.

there isn't much time for them to be together but even at the beginning the hero is already acting like a besotted fool.. I like the fact that the child on this book isn't some bastard or a child of the hero from his first wife...

Although I've primarily written historical romance, I've also written contemporary romantic suspense, a murder mystery, and I'm having a wonderful time writing about a vampire who is being challenged by her new state of being.