Tall, Dark and Lonesome

Tall, Dark and Lonesome

by Debra Dixon

Bestselling author Debra Dixon puts her charming spin on the classic cowboy romance in this fresh, funny tale of a reporter, a rancher, and a trail of seduction across the great outdoors.Wyoming native and newspaper columnist Niki Devlin isnt thrilled about following a bunch of city slickers on a vacation cattle drive.

The lean, rugged form of trail boss Zack Weston makes Niki want everything she doesnt want: Wyoming, a good man, and love.Zack likes being just a cowboy to Niki.

His name, his political ambitions, and his ranching empire are all but forgotten as he rides alongside this beautiful, gutsy woman who makes him realize what hes been missing.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.51
  • Pages: 224
  • Publish Date: December 1993 by Loveswept
  • Isbn10: 0553443968
  • Isbn13: 9780553443967

What People Think about "Tall, Dark and Lonesome"

Niki is familiar with Wyoming and even more familiar with the small town of Cutter Creek. Determined to stay under the radar and unwilling to confront her past, the last thing Niki was ready for was Zach Weston and the instant chemistry they felt towards each-other. Usually when I pick up an older book, I expect to notice the difference in technology and small things that point to a different year in time, but the author did a good job of making small changes and updating the story to where I felt it was current. I loved that about Zach, he recognized what Niki was for him and he was prepared to fight for her. I would have loved to have know what happened with Zach's political career and of Niki's. Other than that, it was a great read and I love a good story with a modern day cowboy

Zack goes to check on her and finds the wagon stuck in the mud, after helping her get out and set up, Zack has something new on his mind. Niki Devlin cannot believe her boss, Eli, has tricked her into coming back to Cutter's Creek, Wyoming and to a cattle drive on top of it! It is raining, she has the chuck wagon stuck in the mud, she is in charge of cooking and she don't cook and now mister tall, dark and handsome is coming to her rescue only to find out after teasing him that he is the boss man. John the ranch hand is always full of practical jokes, the five lawyers love coming once a year to play cowboy and you even get to meet Bess, the retired chuck wagon cook.

Started Cute But Fell Apart New York City newspaper columnist Niki Devlin gave her editor just enough rope to hang her with when she blurted out that she was from the small town of Cutter's Creek, Wyoming after he proposed a series of columns on adventure vacations and mentioned a ranch there that ran a modern day cattle drive. The back drop for the romance, the cattle drive, brought to mind fond memories of the movie City Slickers, still a favorite of mine after all these years. Zack and Niki's burgeoning relationship began early enough in the book to surprise me. I prefer characters at least get introduced and fleshed out a bit for the reader before their relationship starts, and there just wasn't enough of that groundwork laid by the time they start to first cave to their attraction at the 11% mark. As it turns out, this story ended at the 57% mark, or location 2078 of 3594 on the Galley that was provided to me for this review. Given that, the romantic relationship between Zack and Niki actually started about 20% into the story. She's also asked her family not to mention her or bring her up to other people despite living for years in New York City and having a successful career as a nationally syndicated columnist. Zach and Niki have a sweet, tender, slow and sensual love scene that would have been fantastic...had either of them even once discussed, addressed, or even thought about protection or birth control - or used any. That point doesn't extend to story or a main character who has done nothing but dwell on how horribly she was treated by the people in her hometown for getting pregnant when she was a teenager and still feels terribly guilty about a miscarriage she had a decade ago. In fact, the complete failure to even give a passing thought to birth control in this particular story with these particular characters in that particular situation was such a glaring oversight that I was quite literally gobsmacked by the whole sexual interlude and its aftermath. If that wasn't bad enough, once it finally was mentioned, and the sudden jolt of reality sunk in, this was the thought process of the woman who is supposedly still so ravaged by an entire town of judgmental and prejudiced people that she hardly ever visits the family she loves and has been panicking about how her reputation would ruin her future with Zack: Slow down, Niki. Maybe this story is even more a victim of the year it was originally released than I'd thought.

After the last older Loveswept book I read, I was worried that I wouldnt enjoy this one, but I actually felt like it could have been a normal contemporary cowboy novella! Zach is looking forward to some time on the trail, so he can think about where his future is headed. Zach knows he wants her in his life, but will she ever get over her past so she can move forward with their future? I love me some cowboys, and Zach is one of the sexiest. The sexual tension between Zach and Niki was thick on every page, and it was obvious to the reader how attracted they were to one another, how much tension there really was. It was a sweet romance with a great alpha hero, incredible tension between the hero and heroine and an all around feel-good-romance.

Sure, you'd think cell phones would be mentioned at least once and it's more likely the heroine, Niki, would be a blogger today, but the absence of these things wasn't too jarring. Basically, Niki gets drafted by her newspaper editor to go on a cattle drive run by the hero, Zach. I liked the dogs and found Niki was delightfully spunky at times. I'm assuming the rest of the file contains previews for other books in the line.

We first meet Niki when she is riding a chuck wagon for a cattle drive her New York editor signed her up for in Wyoming. Zach did not tell her he was the trailboss or ranch owner or one of the Westons who owned a lot of property in wyoming and was thinking of a run at politics. Niki job and life was in New York.

I would suggest it others, especially if you were looking for a shorter novel, with a very handsome cowboy, good sex scenes, that were tastefully written, and at times had you where you didnt know whether to laugh or throttle the heroine.

I enjoy by cowboy books and this is definitely a nice little cowboy read. The one problem i had was considering what happened to Nikki in her past she has unprotected sex with Zach.

The story involves a young reporter, funny and fun-loving Niki Devlin, who is sent to write a column about a Wyoming Trail Ride run by (hunky) Zach Weston.

Is Zach man enough to accept her flaws or is he out for just a good time.

Although we never get to see any town interactions since everything happens on the range with the cattle and horses.