Ève de ses décombres

Ève de ses décombres

by Ananda Devi

Je suis Sadiq.

Ève est ma raison, mais elle prétend ne pas le savoir.

Je suis dans un lieu gris.

Troumaron, c'est une sorte d'entonnoir ; le dernier goulet où viennent se déverser les eaux usées de tout un pays.

Par Sad, Ève, Savita, Clélio, ces ados aux destins cabossés pris au piège d'un crime odieux, et grâce à son écriture à la violence contenue au service d'un suspense tout de finesse, Ananda Devi nous dit l'autre île Maurice du XXIe siècle, celle que n'ignorent pas seulement les dépliants touristiques.

  • Language: French
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 4.15
  • Pages: 155
  • Publish Date: January 5th 2006 by Gallimard
  • Isbn10: 2070776182
  • Isbn13: 9782070776184

What People Think about "Ève de ses décombres"

This book will not allow leftist apologists or bleeding heart liberals pretend that they care about the destitute and disadvantaged while sipping their Chablis at fundraisers after taking spoiled brats to ballet or soccer. Forget Eat, Pray, Love as for most of the world it is Breathe, Fight, Fuck and Die. No middle class bullshit can withstand that especially my own.

It almost reads like two different books."They run to escape, swallowing the harshness of their future. "The laughter of women is laughter in this lost place, laughter that opens up a small part of paradise so we don't drown ourselves."The writing is GORGEOUS and I was happy to take my time over the words in the first half. I really do think the translator should be awarded for the work he has done, and I felt even more strongly about this in reading his notes on the translation, and how he thought through the dialect and Creole challenges.

While this has been a strong year, it is still a relief, in Women in Translation Month to turn away from the Booker longlist and back to my real loves translated fiction from UK independent small presses. Les Fugitives, also publishers of Blue Self Portrait (https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...) have a very specific remit: to publish short, new writing by award-winning francophone female authors previously unavailable in English or in the UK and work in conjunction with the wonderful CB Editions, who focus. on short fiction, poetry, translations and other work which, as the Guardian noted, might otherwise fall through the cracks between the big publishers Their highest profile success to date has been Eve out of Her Ruins, Jeffrey Zuckerman's translation of Ananda Devi's Ève de ses décombres, which, in its US edition published by Deep Vellum, won the CLMP Firecracker Award (for Independently and Self-Published fiction), as well as making the shortlist for the illustrious Best Translated Book Award and for the Albertine Prize (for translated contemporary French fiction). What was once deep within methe slow drip of life that has slipped away and turned me into this livid creature sucking the night dryno longer matters. Saadiq and Clelio are both members of a street gang that now dominates the neighbourhood after the local textile factory shut down: Mothers disappear in a resigned haze. But Eve herself is infatuated with another girl, Savita. Per Saadiq: Eve and Savita are two sides of the same moon. Savita's family acts like they don't belong in Troumaron, as if they were only there by accident. Eve herself feels a communion with Savita that she feels Saadiq cant understand. While Eve keeps herself very separate from the other youths, she sees Saadiq as one of the gang, despite his avowed poetic leanings: The water and its swirls. Even Saad, who's a little different, who thinks about something other than spreading our thighs, is part of a gang. He has no idea what's on is: this troubled water, this murky world, this faraway smile like a moonlit night, when the wind comes to whisper things that make us pensive and sad. Savita comments: Eve's silence is the rumble deep within the volcano. The second half of the short novel begins with a sudden event which changes the dynamics for all four characters (view spoiler):Savita is murdered and Clelio, with a criminal record and without an alibi, having spent the night singing on his rooftop rather than roughing up people with the rest of the gang, is arrested by the police as the easy and obvious suspect. The local gang suspect, wrongly, Eve of having accused him, so decide to take revenge.

From here we cant see the island all dolled up, and their eyes, dazzled by the sun, cant see us. Of course the Island as seen by tourists visiting its beautiful luxury hotels (the Saint Geran and Le Touessrok are particularly to be recommended) is very different from the Island experienced by its poorer inhabitants. The plot and details of the book are best described in Pauls review here (including a hidden https://www.goodreads.com/review/show... Jenny's review captures the deliberately poetic language used https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

ARC review; also a post for Women in Translation month This novella set in Mauritius is particularly suited to readers who favour fiction focusing on social justice issues such as feminism and the struggles of women in developing countries. Eve Out of Her Ruins has more powerful and interesting writing than most issue-based postcolonial litfic from mainstream publishers - but whilst I know that difficult lives like these happen almost everywhere, Id have liked to hear a lot more about the actual place. As with many women in disadvantaged circumstances throughout history, Eve finds herself trading sex for favours and essential goods, and due to her capacity to dissociate, and her independent personality, feels less affected by this than one is supposed to existing as more than a stereotypical victim, doing well at school and having a typical teenage social life with her best friend Savita - although it still does become an exhausting cycle that is difficult to escape. The characters are very aware of their own symbolism and wider context, which perhaps doesn't sit so well with Clelio's personality - he almost seems to have been rewritten to accommodate it - but it suits Saad: and theyll all say isnt that delightful, isnt that marvelous, this disadvantaged kid whos taken Rimbaud as his model, isnt that a brilliant media and literary stroke, Ill become a media sensation, and on top of that theyll feel like theyre taking care of peoples needs, theyll use me as a model for the other neighborhood kids who completely fuck up, but most of all, Ill be heard and read, which is what counts, no matter how they take it and what they make of it, even if they exploit me, if thats what they want, all I want, personally, is to get my head out of the water, to escape my fate, to simply be.

Patru monologuri interioare care, împreun, cldesc sub ochii notri viaa într-un cartier srccios al capitalei Port Louis. Am aptesprezece ani i mi-am hotrât viaa." "Într-o zi ne trezim i viitorul a disprut. Iubesc." "Nu sunt supus regretului. Dar singura întrebare adevrat este: oare sunt supus vieii?" Pe scurt: citii aceast carte.