Night Life

Night Life

by Caitlin Kittredge

As an Insoli werewolf, Luna travels without a pack and must rely on instinct alone.

Pack leader of a dangerous clan of Redbacks, Dimitri sends her animal instincts into overdrive and threatens her fiercely-guarded independence.

But Luna and Dimiri will need to rely on each other as they're plunged into an ancient demon underworld and pitted against an expert black magician with the power to enslave them for eternity

  • Series: Nocturne City
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 3.47
  • Pages: 352
  • Publish Date: March 4th 2008 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • Isbn10: 0312948298
  • Isbn13: 9780312948290

What People Think about "Night Life"

Luna is a female detective and a werewolf solving crime in Nocturne City while keeping her wolfness secret from those she works with. The head cop who hates women and always picks on her. I felt like the author was battering me over the head with a metal pole to point out to me that Luna is picked on.

Not the main character, not her cousin with the silly name, not the main romantic interest who seemed like a creep (a pimp and drug deeler), not the cops, hell, the grandma was the most interesting of them all and she was in only one scene. It's not always explained just why is she going there, saying this, insulting people left and right (obviously the answer is the author wanted her to, and that's that, only it brakes the flow of the story when I'm left thinking "the hell?"). It brakes the flow and detracts from the emotional weight a scene is supposed to carry when everyone is cursing "hex me", "hex", "hexed", and occasional "gods", etc.

It seriously detracts from both the plot and any sympathy I'm supposed to feel for said protagonist. This is decidedly true for Luna Wilder (also, cheesy name for a pack-less werewolf). Also the tryst Luna has with Dmitri is shoehorned in at the last, and a rather inopportune, moment before the finale.

Our Hero is angsty and emo about being a werewolf without a pack, and likes to remind the reader of this every fifth page or so despite having a fairly reliable if snarky support structure.

One last thing, I dont know how many times the word bitch was used but at the end of the book, I was quite tired of it. Any dispute had a bitch somewhere and frankly, it sounded so juvenile I dont think Ill continue reading Lunas adventures but I will certainly try other books by this author.

This is one of the worst books I've read in a long time. A lot of things in this book are wince-inducing, like having the main character be a werewolf detective in a town called Nocturne City.

The world-building is decent and interesting but why, oh, why make the main characters so hard to stomach?

I really was hoping to like this book, but it was not to be. The fact is, I didn't particularly care for any of the characters in the story, but Luna was the biggest disappointment.

I get it that something called the Hex riots happened before the story itself starts and were so bad that they are used to swear by, but really??

Now, though, it just is one series in a giant collection bin of the exact same thing. I just didn't like the way it was done here. Luna gets sexually harassed, she dealt with the problem, and then she gets suspended for dealing with it even though there was no other recourse. They don't like Luna simply because she is a woman. It feels like a giant joke. Yet even by the end of the book, I still didn't understand the way the world worked. The relationship was definitely the worst thing about Night Life. For one thing he isn't a bitch like Luna is. I did like how the end went down with the demon. well no basically I just liked the demon stuff.

Caitlin started writing novels at age 13. Fortunately, she branched out from there and after a few years trying to be a screenwriter, a comic book writer and the author of copious amounts of fanfiction, she tried to write a novel again.