Castle Richmond

Castle Richmond

by Anthony Trollope

Two gentlemen seek Clara Desmond's hand, and each has a claim to Castle Richmond. Another story of love and law from Trollope, this time set in Ireland during the famine of the 1840's.

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  • Rating: 3.68
  • Pages: 442
  • Publish Date: November 3rd 2006 by Hard Press
  • Isbn10: 1406930245
  • Isbn13: 9781406930245

What People Think about "Castle Richmond"

Time passes and Clara meets the Fitzgerald heir Herbert who also falls in love with her and is keen to marry her, this suit having Lady Desmonds wholehearted approval. The book really has three storylines proceeding side by sidethe rival suits of the Fitzgerald cousins for Lady Clara Desmonds hand, the blackmail angle (with the secret behind it and its consequences for all the characters), and the famineand they deal with a range of themeslove, wealth and inheritance, poverty, and religion among them.

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Trollope loved a rogue, and in his long portrait gallery there are several really charming ones.Trollope used this same analogy of the hunter after his quarry late in the novel. This was my first read of what is called Trollope's "Irish Novels" and takes place during the Potato Famine. In this way, though the novel isn't a "must read" it added another piece to the completeness of British/Irish life that is Trollope.

The famine is used to highlight the good qualities of Herbert Fitzgerald he is building a soup kitchen, his sisters are actively involved in preparing and serving the Yellow Meal which is the only food available to the starving masses, he supports sending the poor to work houses where they can earn food for themselves and their families believing that just handing out food or money want stop the crisis. The blackmailers are would you believe it poor Irish men who enjoy their drink too much and spare no thought for the harm they are doing with their get rich quick scheme.

Yet Trollope thought well of this novel as to claim its intrinsic merit. Herbert embodies the adapted mind and therefore gets his happy ending.

Published in 1860, Anthony Trollopes novel Castle Richmond is set in Ireland in the year 1846, when the disastrous potato famine is at its worst. Nearby at Hap House lives Owen Fitzgerald, a cousin of Herbert and the person in line behind Herbert to inherit Castle Richmond and Lord Fitzgeralds title.

You see what the plot turns around mainly are two men in love with the same young woman: Herbert Fitzgerald and Owen Fitzgerald are cousins in love with the same woman, Lady Clara Desmond. Lady Clara's mother--also named Clara, a countess and a widow--is madly in love with Owen Fitzgerald. day he declares his love for Lady Clara. Lady Clara says YES, I'll marry you. And Lady Clara deserves an estate, wealth, and title. Herbert Fitzgerald will have an estate, wealth, and title--when his father, Sir Thomas, dies. Owen and Lady Clara will live happily ever after. While the potato crop is failing, and Owen is sad and depressed--Herbert Fitzgerald starts wooing Lady Clara. Lady Clara has said I love you to two different men. Owen wants Lady Clara. Owen still loves and wants Lady Clara. Patrick returns (oh so briefly) but Lady Clara says she won't break her engagement with Herbert (no matter how poor) to marry Owen (no matter how rich). Could Lady Clara really have fallen out of love so quickly with Owen and into love so quickly with Herbert?! I know what a prince and lover ought to be." I had a hard time connecting with Lady Clara. Would Lady Clara prove loyal to her first love and not be persuaded by her family, or by the lure of money? Trollope never clearly shows us the moment when Herbert and Lady Clara fall in actual love with one another. Perhaps readers are supposed to be oh-so-impressed by the fact that when Herbert loses his inheritance, she sticks like glue to her man and refuses to end the relationship. Lady Clara wouldn't be throwing away her life by marrying Owen. Lady Clara's mother--pathetic as she may come across--is more developed. One of the sad, awkward moments of the novel comes when Clara pours out her heart and soul to Owen confessing that he is the love of her life.

The main subject is Lady Clara Desmond who is loved by two cousins named Fitzgerald. The bigamy plot and the changing fortune of the Richmond Fitzgeralds is the main subject of Castle Richmond, but the famine keeps occupying the attentions of the major and minor characters.

Anthony Trollope became one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era.