The Mercy Rule

The Mercy Rule

by John Lescroart

Justice...Once Dismas Hardy was a cop.

Then one client changes everything.Compassion...Graham Russo, a former baseball star, is charged with murdering his dying father.

Was it suicide, the last desperate act of a dying man?

Or mercy?Murder...Now, as a carnival of reporters, activists, cops, lovers, and families throng around the case, Dismas Hardy is going to trial with a client he doesn't trust, a key witness he cannot believe, and a system that almost destroyed him once.

For Dismas, this case will challenge everything he believes about the law, about his family, and about himself.

  • Series: Dismas Hardy
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 3.98
  • Pages: 640
  • Publish Date: August 10th 1999 by Dell
  • Isbn10: 0440222826
  • Isbn13: 9780440222828

What People Think about "The Mercy Rule"

I have read at least seven of the Dismas Hardy books and this series has been very enjoyable.

REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; JANUARY 26, 2017 Narrator: David Colacci I liked this for the most part but found it overly long - 18 hours! I like Colacci narrating the series (most of the current 16 books) and that helped me get through the 18 hours.

This is the second Dismas Hardy novel I've read (possibly the third - see below) and I will be reading the rest of the series. I read too many books where all of the characters are almost superhuman - the men were at the top of their classes and the women aren't real.

AUTHOR: JOHN LESCROART CHARACTERS: Dismas Hardy, Graham Russo,Sal Russo,Abe Glitsky, David Freeman, Sarah Evans,Gil Soma, Art Drysdale, and Dean Powell LOCATION: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA STATE ((USA)) GENRE : THRILLER ... It was found in the search that Graham had deposited 50000 dollars and a collection of baseball cards from the early 1950s worth another many more thousands belonging to his father, in his safe deposit box of Wells Fargo Branch Bank, soon afrer his father Sal's death. The death of Sal Russo and the arrest of Graham changes everything.After couple of meetings with Graham at his residence and later in jail, Hardy feels that Graham is wrongly convicted man and agrees to be his defense lawyer. Now, as a carnival of reporters,activitsts,cops,and families throng around the "Sal Russo case" Dismas Hardy is going to defend Graham Russo against a tough prosecution team led by Attorney General Dean Powell, Art Drysdale and Gil Soma. THE TRIAL Arguments of the PROSECUTION TEAM led by Dean Powell, Art Drysdale and Gil soma before the Jury and Judge Jordan Salter: " Graham Russo, murdered his father Sal Russo for money. Graham Russo on 9th of May came to his father's apartment,killed his father with an injection of morphine took 20000 dollars from the safe and fled... The prosecution team calls Fargo Bank's teller to testify that on the very afternoon of Sal's death,the defendant Graham placed in his own deposit box a sum of fifty thousand dollars and a collection of baseball cards from the early 1950s worth another many thousands more to show the defendants desperate need for money. Finally, by calling the detective inspectors ,who investigated the homicide, the prosecution makes them to testify the lies Graham told to them and his motive, killing his father out of greed for money and baseball cards kept in his safe.The prosecution team rests its argument by accusing Graham as a cold blooded murderer. The prosecution cannot prove that Graham Russo killed his father, he is innocent" Defense Attorney Dismas Hardy by taking a bold stance and by ignoring the great majority of evidence presented by prosecution team and by intelligently cross examining the prosecution witnesses John Strout the doctor,Philip Parini the crime scene specialist, Sarah Evans the detective inspector andbank Manager Mrs.Li, painted his own picture of Graham,the sincere and devoted son who found himself in agonizing dilemma of his father's terminal illness. Sal wished his funds, entire 50000 dollars and amount derived by selling the baseball cards should go to an woman named "JOAN SINGLETERRY '. One of Sal Russo's oldest and best friend was Mario Giotti, a well known federal judge in San Francisco. Joan, later married Ron Singleterry,lived a peaceful life till her death.The judge also gave Sal Russo 50000 dollars out of gratitude and guilt, mainly to keep him shut. As per his father's wish, Graham donates Sal's entire funds to Joan Singleterry and joins as law associate in David Freeman's office.

My mind wanders when I'm reading this book ...