South Sea Tales

South Sea Tales

by Jack London

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  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.90
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: April 9th 2002 by Modern Library
  • Isbn10: 0375759298
  • Isbn13: 9780375759291

What People Think about "South Sea Tales"

Most readers or casual observers of Jack London recognize his masterpiece The Call of the Wild and the adjoining tales about the Klondike. South Sea Tales is a collection of eight stories thematically set in and around the South Pacific. This may have been simply a product of his time and place, but if a modern reader is particularly sensitive to racial slurs, especially the N word, then that reader may want to skip this collection. All the classic London themes are here, somewhat evocative of his short story, The Mexican. Yah!" colonial brutality and race relations in the South Seas, London as racist? London may have been a racist, but here is another story where the islander demonstrates more humility and virtue than the westerners and / or the Christians. Many of his apologists want us to remember the rugged, inspirational and lovable tale of Buck in Call of the Wild, but want the serious, modern western reader to forget about Wolf Larson and may not even know about The Terrible Solomons. Some critics will say that here London shows his true stripes, still others may show that London accurately documented a brutal tale set in a harsh time and place.

My introduction to the fiction of Jack London is South Sea Tales, an immersive collection of short stories that rustled palm trees in my imagination and at times seemed to blow the aroma of banana leaves from the page. Originally published in South Sea Tales (1911), House of Pride and Other Tales of Hawaii (1912), A Son of the Sun (1912) and posthumously, On the Makaloa Mat (1919), these picturesque stories came after the Klondike Tales which London is so renowned and were the culmination of an exhausting two-year voyage the author made through Polynesia and Melanesia with his wife, Charmian, beginning in 1907. A fire is one of the deadliest events a sailor can encounter aboard his ship and London does a tremendous job ratcheting tension, while the islander McCoy handles each obstacle in his typically unruffled island manner. Worse than a fire aboard a ship is an island being swallowed by the sea and London hurls the reader through this story breathlessly. -- In A Son of the Sun, The Devils of Fuatino and The Feathers of the Sun, London jettisons literary import for strict pulp fiction, with dashing trader David Grief sailing from island to island and finding adventure. These inspired a syndicated TV series, Captain David Grief, also known as The Jack London Stories that ran for 39 episodes from 1957-60. -- The rest of the stories are picturesque and deeply sensuous to varying degrees--Good-bye, Jack addresses the leper colony of Molokai, albeit from the perspective of the white man, while Koolau the Leper dramatizes the siege of Molokai from the point of view of the afflicted--but tend to drift away without the engine driven narratives of the adventure tales.

Estes foram tempos duros e violentos e as aventuras que Jack London nos conta são tão exóticas e diferentes quanto os cenários onde ocorrem.

Yah!" A tale of the horrible, horrible reprisals that occur when the natives cross the white man. 4/5 The Inevitable White Man Inevitable is a strange word to describe an ethnicity but, after reading this story, it becomes the only one that seems even remotely capable of encompassing all of Europe's attitude towards the less charted regions of the world and why they claimed dominion over them.

Cree que le queda tiempo para entender a los negros?" Me han encantado estos relatos de ficción histórica situados en Hawaii u otras islas colonizadas.

I enjoyed this collection a lot more than I thought I would. Londons depiction of the islands effortlessly drew me in; they were so detailed and vibrant, that I felt as if I were there.

The Heathen is about the bond of friendship between an American adventurer and a south sea native (head hunter and cannibal).

"Niggers" & "pickaninnies" are subhumans used to scare a fop the way one might use a mongrel dog.

London no llegó a cumplir 40 años.Tras de si dejó casi 200 cuentos,más de 15 novelas,una polémica vida de escritor en la que se le acusó de plagio en varias ocasiones,dos matrimonios,extremas convicciones racistas(aún más intensas que las de Kipling),un viaje en busca de oro a Klondike (Alaska) y otro por el Pacífico.

Jack London was an American novelist, journalist, social-activist and short-story writer whose works deal romantically with elemental struggles for survival.