French Kiss

French Kiss

by Sarra Manning

When Edie and Dylan first see each other in photography class, an instant attraction draws them together.

But true love never does run smoothlythe two spar as much as they cant keep their hands off each other.

What People Think about "French Kiss"

She kept kissing and crushing after Dylan even when he treated her like dirt. In one scene they have a major kiss and then he gets all moody and Edie falls over and he doesn't help her up he just looks at like he is annoyed that she fell over.

Do I think that these characters might've evolved had I read the rest of the book? But if I can't stomach the characters, how could I possibly keep reading? I bought most of Ms Manning's books...I really hope I won't have such severe reactions to the rest of them.

I've read a book by Sarra Manning before (You don't have to say you love me, to be precise) and I really enjoyed it. Our main character, Edie, is sixteen and acts like a selfish bitch. Dylan is one of the worst male love interests I read about. Even, there are no likeable characters at all in this book. Kind of, considering she doesn't even like him and just thought it was a good idea to date him because Dylan was out of her league) is a dependant, annoying one. Here, get the award of the most annoying and ridiculous character of the year.

I know that French Kiss isnt her best work, but thats why I decided to read it with Jasprit The Reader's Den. What better way to start than not with the best work and move forward from there? While French Kiss was quite light and definitely funny, it didnt exactly sit right with me either. Yes, she came off as a little (ok, a lot) stalkerish at first, but she grew on me by the end and I really liked seeing her grow into a girl who spoke her mind and get a backbone that she was in desperate need of. I dont really feel like I know Dylan at all and that may be the reason why I dont understand his actions. For now my opinion stays that Edie deserves better than a 19 year old guy who acts like a 5 year old spoiled girl. While there were lots of things that I liked, I couldnt look away from all the things that frustrated me, that being mainly Dylan, and I think my rating clearly shows that. This was originally published in 2004 and things have changed a lot since then, plus Adorkable, which sits on my shelf as we speak, seems like a really good read so hopefully Ill have better luck with that.

French Kiss follows the life of Edith aka Edie, a sixteen-year-old girl whose just moved to a new town and has to start a new college. Edie is a shy person but by meeting new people it starts to bring Edie out of her shell - especially the most gorgeous guy on campus; Dylan. As Edie embarks in her new life, one that involves a school trip to Paris and a lot of kissing, can a guy like Dylan be for real or will he just end up breaking her heart? For me, Dylan was a love/hate character that you tended to love more and more as the story progresses, he sends so many mixed signals to Edie to start with but in the end, he really does come around.

But still there is so much enjoyment in this book, and I am sure by now that Sarra Manning is one of those authors of whom I want to read all their work. French Kiss, the first installment of the Diary of a Crush series, is the British counterpart to the Jessica Darlingseries, which is rather funny as I just read Sloppy Firsts recently. French Kissis the same kind of slice of life story. But I think I like French Kiss a little better (though they got the same rating) because it fills in the romance part that I was expecting in Sloppy Firstsbut didn't get. Like, "oh my god, give me more, I'm just going to sit in the metro past my stop because I can't stop reading" chemistry. I mean, if you want good kissing scenes, you need to read Sarra Manning, because that woman has some serious skills. I wish we could have kept the mean girl antics to a minimum, but I guess that was kind of an inevitability in this kind of slice of life story. Recommended To: Fans of chemistry, hot kissing scenes, and/or the Jessica Darlingseries.

This is, quite literally as the title says, a diary of a crush, a crush thats probably very obsessive as Edie is completely immersed into it. Edie develops an epic crush-to-end-all-crushes on Dylan upon first sight.

This book was about a girl named Edie who's new at going to collage. She goes to class and takes her courses, like Art. On the first few days, when she describes how she thinks she is invisible, a girl named Mia talks to her.

Although it's been years since I first read of Edie and Dylan (almost a decade!) I still think back to this book - well, this series - and wonder about the characters and re-imagine the situations. If there is anything frustrating in this book then it's Edie and Dylan for the majority of this book.

Sarra is now editor of What To Wear magazine.