Something in Return

Something in Return

by Karen van der Zee

The kind of money Ramsey MacMillan was offering to donate to her community-aid program made her determined to excel at her role--to attend fancy galas and protect Ramsey from women who found his devastating good looks and immense wealth simply irresistible.Samantha knew that behind his cool, composed facade was a lonely man--a man she could easily love.

  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.93
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: June 12th 1992 by Harlequin Mills & Boon
  • Isbn10: 0263132196
  • Isbn13: 9780263132199

What People Think about "Something in Return"

Really sweet story with a buttoned-up, smitten hero who donates money to the elementary school teacher heroine's food bank if she will accompany him to six weeks of social outings between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Heroine had some great smack downs of wanna be OWs - but she is never bitchy - just clever and fearless.

(FYI, M&B's and HP's did not have the same release schedule back in the day, so inevitably the US HP editor who picked the monthly list would always pick a Christmas book for later in the year. Most notably Ireland - who still has a Censorship board to this day, they banned a book in 2016 and prior to that in 1998 - so the Rialtas na hÉireann take their book censoring seriously.) Anyhows, HPlandia publishing tidbits aside, this is sweet little Christmas story about what has real meaning in life - a nicer version of Scrooge if you will, but the h is the perky, colorful non-ghost real person who is going to take the H by the hand and lead him to a more fulfilled life. The H is the entitled uber rich guy who is really nice, but he has no people skills or friends cause everyone in his world wants to use him. The next day he makes the h a proposition, if she will be his date for the holiday season on a strictly platonic basis to keep the predatory women from stalking him, he will give her food program $8000.00 - the h tries for ten, and frankly she should have held out, but $8000.00 is a lot of money for her cause, so she agrees. The h is uncomfortable in the H's world and the predatory women are really predatory, but the H also helps the orphans who need medical care from the books Kept Woman and The Imperfect Bride by paying for all their medical bills and the h starts to fall in love with him. The h also has to drive back in a bad storm to meet the H for the next date commitment and gradually, between the h offering the H 'root soup' which is root vegetables and ham, getting the H to play in a snowball fight with the local kids and knitting him a homemade sweater, the H starts to learn the value of a simple, helping life. The H takes the h to a ballet as a gift, the h took years of ballet as a child before becoming a teacher and the h is thrilled to think the H is learning to give things of value instead of money. So the h gets the H's housekeeper to help do the full decorated Christmas complete with duck and holiday foods. The H asks her to stay and she says no, she wants real love and real togetherness and not all the H's money can buy that for himself and she feels sorry for him. Her friends have a big birthday party for her and when she gets back from it, the H has returned to her house and he is waiting by her fire in the sweater she made him. He finally gets that money can't buy you love and we get a really excellent repentant H speech and a very nice declaration of love and a marriage proposal.

This book explores one of my favorite themes: brooding unhappy hero meets the vivacious and happy heroine, and she ends up coloring his life, as well as teaching him the meaning of love. Meet our h Samantha: a school teacher who spends most of her time working for ACTION charity, knitting sweaters and bringing happiness in other people's lives.

I just needed a break and this cutie pie book fell in to my hands. It was delivered by the postman today, $0.26!, and I just couldn't resist.) The heroine in this book is just adorable. "I hate it," Samantha said. One thing I do have to say is that given the short length of this book, the hero wasn't developed that well. Also, I love it when the hero is jealous and we definitely needed more of that in this book.

Good Cinderella type story.

I am glad the book I picked up to to read is this one.

And then I wanted to write adventurous stories set in these exotic places I got lucky and fell in love with a globetrotting American. After Kenya we lived in the States for a while, then four years in Ghana, West Africa where not only our first daughter was born, but my first Mills & Boon romance as well. Ive written over thirty books now, many set in exotic locations such as Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Java, Kenya and Ghana, as well as Holland and the US. I love the challenge of living in a foreign country where the food is different, the people interesting and life gives me endless inspiration for my writing.