The Wolf Hunt

The Wolf Hunt

by Gillian Bradshaw

Betrayal, love, and lycanthropy in the time of the CrusadesBased on one of the Lais of Marie de France, The Wolf Hunt is a breathtaking adventure that showcases, once again, Gillian Bradshaws talent as both a historian and as a novelist.When Marie Penthièvre of Chalendrey is abducted from her Norman priory and taken to Brittanys court, she vows never to dishonor her familys ties by marrying a Breton brute.

But Tiarnán does not love her, and when he marries a slip of a girl instead, Marie vows to become a nun as soon as she is able.But Tiarnán has a secret, and that slip of a girl betrays him once she learns of it.

But can she do so before it is too late?Rich in romance, and intrigue, steeped in history and wonder, The Wolf Hunt is historical fiction at its best, by one of its most skilled practitioners.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Historical
  • Rating: 3.98
  • Pages: 320
  • Publish Date: June 1st 2002 by Tor Books
  • Isbn10: 0312875959
  • Isbn13: 9780312875954

What People Think about "The Wolf Hunt"

It invents a whole new character, Marie, to be Bisclaveret's 'real' love interest. The lai still limits her, in some ways -- Marie Penthièvre would be a wonderful heroine, but often we're limited to Eline and her paramour Alain, neither of whom exactly fill me with warmth. Looking forward to the other Gillian Bradshaw books I've got on my to read pile.

I won't tell you anymore, but it's a pretty quick and interesting read.

Although more romantic than Island of Ghosts , it never descends into melodrama, and offers an intriguing glimpse of medieval Breton society.

I liked their narrating chapters the most. I prefer one, at most two, narrating characters.

I dislike the inner story and its main character intensely, and this dislike reflects on the entire novel. Then there is Tiarnan, a brave and noble knight who saved Marie from bandits in the beginning of the story. Afterwards, the frame flows into the story proper, and following a weird twist of the authors imagination, Tiarnan marries another girl, beautiful slut Eline. To my consternation, the bulk of the inner story is written from the POV of Eline. In Bradshaws novel, she gets her comeuppance in the end, but the entire tale left a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to know more about the real protagonists, the ones I could sympathize with, Marie and Tiarnan, but for most of the novel they were simply two passive figures, immobilized in the frame. The question that plagues me the most is why Tiarnan chose pretty, empty-headed Eline instead of virtuous Marie in the first place? When the frame was finally reestablished by the end of the novel, Marie again stepped forward, and Tiarnan was restored to his human knightly splendor. Maybe that fact alone could explain the frame structure of the novel (popular in the old times) and its characters depiction in black and white.

Esta es una novelización de una canción del siglo 12 (creen) : Bisclavret, escrita por Marie de France (aunque con ese nombre sospecho que podria ser cualquiera, y que tal vez sea más antiguo y lo halla recopilado de los trovadores). Marie es heredera de un lugar clave entre Bretaña y Normandia, ella vive en el convento porque su padre esta en las cruzadas, de alli la sacan con la noticia que su Duque la llama, pero es un engaño, ella escapa y llega al bosque donde la salva de un destino peor que la muerte un caballero Tiarnan. (El cuento es bretón asi que deja al duque de Bretaña como un ejemplo, y a los Normandos (franceses) como unos brutos.) Bueno, Tiarnan esta comprometido con la bella Elise, y tienen su boda estelar. Pero Tiarnan parece que se habia saltado la parte de Sanson y Dalila en las enseñanzas de su confesor, porque cae redondito contándole su 'gran secreto' a su amada. Asi que Tiarnan la ama, la ama, bueno apenas la conoce, y para ella es el tipo favorecido del rey con la gran mansion y una buena renta. Ella no ha firmado para casarse con un monstruo; varios comentan que ella es malvada, pero si piensan en una mujer criada en la iglesia en que las hadas son cosas diabólicas, y,como muchas veces se ha preguntado en la Fantasia Urbana acostarse con un hombre lobo es bestialidad?

Marie finds herself caught up in the snarls of courtly life, including the spoiled and beautiful Eline, to whom Tiarnan is engaged; Alain, who is hopelessly in love with Eline; and Tiher, Alains older cousin, who is always getting him out of trouble. As Marie and Tiher continue to investigate their suspicions regarding Eline and Alains relationship, the reader is already aware of what has happened to Tiarnan, but is left wondering what exactly and how the characters will discover the truth.