Harvard's Education

Harvard's Education

by Suzanne Brockmann

FInCOM agent P.J. Richards is given access to the no-women-allowed world of the Navy SEALs from the inside, so she can't afford any distractions--especially not toughened SEAL Senior Chief Harvard Becker. Reissue.

What People Think about "Harvard's Education"

Although I will admit a bit slow to get started, by the end however I really felt like I knew our heroes and was completely wrapped up in their lives, especially during their last so called training mission together. Harvard Becker is the 5th SEAL from Brockmanns Tall Dark and Dangerous series to have his story told. And except for Brockmans tendency to make up imaginary countries I just love her style of writing; using real military jargon she gives us larger then life Navy Seal heroes and exciting yet plausible storylines. Another great aspect here was getting reacquainted with past team members in particular Joe Catalanotto from book #1 (Prince Joe) We are also introduced to new grey group member Crash and I cant wait for his story in(Hawken's Heart) The ending chapters here were fantastic as a planned out of country training mission goes horribly wrong.

The biggest problem I had with this one was that the heroine was so one-dimensional. I actually have had experience as working as the only woman in a man's world (as an engineer on an oil refinery), and it's not as one-dimensional as this implies that it is. 2. The heroine is herself one-dimensional, and absolutely no match for the hero. The heroine's character totally lets down both the hero and the plot, which is actually great (training course with ulterior motives, and training exercise that goes wrong).

Navy SEAL Daryl Becker, nicknamed Harvard, does not see any place in combat training for a woman, particularly 5'2" PJ Rogers. Harvard is strongly attracted to PJ, as she is to him, but he's going to have to learn to deal with her as a person before she is willing to deal with him on a man-woman level.

Harvard's Education me conforte dans mon opinion ; je dirais même que c'est l'un des meilleurs romans que j'ai lus d'elle à date (The Defiant Hero était particulièrement faible, par comparaison). Parce que Harvard's Education est l'une des romances les plus féministes que j'ai lues. La relation entre nos deux héros prend un très mauvais départ lorsque Harvard exprime l'opinion que les femmes n'ont pas leur place sur un champ de bataille. Comme si les différends entre un homme et une femme au sujet du statut de la femme perdaient leur importance, voire disparaissaient dans le magma de la passion Si l'expérience du couple m'a appris une chose, c'est bien que ce n'est pas le cas. Et dans Harvard's Education, Dieu merci, ce n'est pas le cas non plus. Or, malgré même parfois un soutien à la cause féministe, on s'aperçoit que dans des cas limites, où la culture, la tradition, l'habitude est trop forte, ils n'arrivent plus à penser hors du genre C'est ce qui arrive à notre héros. Une autre chose pour laquelle j'apprécie Brockmann est qu'elle écrit des personnages qui ne sont pas des Blancs. Ici, les deux héros sont noirs un cas de figure que l'on voit trop rarement dans la romance mainstream, surtout si elle n'est pas écrite pas une auteure elle-même noire. De même, la série Troubleshooters inclut des personnages qui ne sont pas hétéro, et qui sont pour autant davantage que les clichés sans vie amoureuse de Lady Be Good (Susan Elizabeth Phillips) ou de la série In the Garden (Nora Roberts).

In the read-through I just finished, what stood out for me was the themes of racism and sexism in the plot. She has become a federal agent and the plot revolves around a joint counterterrorism training operation between her agency and the Navy SEALS. If there is a weakness in this work, it is that I don't see much of Harvard's influence in her triumph over these issues, she just seems to be growing.

Well, I like an alpha male and I like a strong woman as counterpart to make it interessting, but it's easy to cross the line where I get annoyed. In this book P.J. took this whole independent, strong woman thing another step furhter.

A lot of time spent discussing the role of women in the military, the casual sexism of otherwise strong, educated, respectful men, and how gender roles influence our expectations. Youre discussing my butt. loc.4840 Or women excluded from combat roles on principle. You think women have no place out in the field, in the line of fire. Youre judging me not as an individual, but based only on the fact that I dont have a penis. Brockton walks a path between strong, independent woman in a mans world who must prove herself over and over and the needs of a romance - sex with an Alpha male. Tall, Dark & Dangerous: Book 1 Prince Joe - Veronica St John and Lieutenant Joe Catalonotto Book 2 Forever Blue - Blue McCoy and Lucy Tait Book 3 Frisco's Kid - Alan Francisco and Mia Appleton Book 4 Everyday, Average Jones - Harlan "Cowboy Jones and Melody Evans Book 5 Harvard's Education - Senior Chief "Harvard Becker and PJ Richards Book 6 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - William "Crash Hawken and Nell Burns Book 7 The Admiral's Bride - Zoe Lange and Admiral Jack Robinson Book 8 Identity: Unknown - Mitchell Shaw and Becca Keyes Book 9 Get Lucky - Lucky ODonlon and Sydney Jameson Book 10 Taylor's Temptation - Bobby Taylor and Colleen Skelly Book 11 Night Watch - Wes Skelly and Brittany Evans References: Author's website: http://www.suzannebrockmann.com/books...

When they throw out the training "book" the team gets into a very dangerous situation Harvard is forced to make decisions that put P.J. in danger.

Called All Through the Night, this was the first mainstream romance novel with a hero and a hero to hit the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list. Her work has earned her repeated appearances on the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists, as well as numerous awards, including Romance Writers of America's #1 Favorite Book of the Year (three years running), two RITA Awards, and many Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Awards.