Melinda and the Wild West

Melinda and the Wild West

by Linda Weaver Clarke

Melinda Gamble wants to make a difference in the world.

Without hesitation, she accepts a job as a schoolteacher in the small town of Paris, Idaho.

What People Think about "Melinda and the Wild West"

Clarke takes readers back to the western expansion with a story that will capture your heart and allow your imagination to run wild. I love how Clarke develops this world in all its natural glory while also drawing out emotions and choices of the fantastic characters that we come to know and love. I couldnt get enough of the characters or of the picturesque world that Clarke creates for her readers.

This book has many events that were of actual history of the places that she writes about. And there is always something special about bringing real events out in your reading.

Im sorry that its not the kind of review that Im sure the author was hoping for, but what follows are my honest opinions concerning this book. Word emphasis was often offered after a slight pause, as if she was, indeed, reading this book for the first time. Im sorry, as the bride is approaching the groom at the end of the book, I dont suddenly need to know that hes 62 tall. There is a good deal of mindreading going on in this book, where characters know things they couldnt possibly know. Yes, shes cold at that point, but theres been little mention of her having any problems walking or needing to trudge through deep snow. With new snow drifts that high, I would think that shed have a terrible time taking even a step, and people in town would be holed up in their houses. Its not until one of those town folk calls out to her that shes crazy for being out in the blizzard that Melinda suddenly feels lost and disoriented, unable to recognize anything around her. Im pretty sure that if youre in the middle of a blizzard, with heavily falling snow and high winds, youre lucky if you can go slowly and dont lose your way. Sadly, theres little about this book thats realistic, not the characters, not the situations, not the dialogue.

Lets start with the story it was really hard for me to get into this audio, I am so sorry but I have to say the narrator really takes away from the story. Gilbert is a very sweet man who doesnt want love, marriage or anything to do with romance. If you listen closely at times her normal voice comes through which is pleasant. The story its self is clean and wholesome with values that teach children how to act, what is important and the author does a well written part on bullying. Melinda Does her best to draw the little girl in and works on changing how others treat her. The romance between Gilbert and Melinda is wishy washy with lots of misunderstandings. The plot is very good but at times I thought Melinda was a little too much and should step back and be a teacher which she is very good at.

Melinda and the Wild West is a very good old fashioned western romance set in Bear Lake, Idaho in 1896. I highly recommend this audiobook (and all of the other audiobooks in the Bear Lake, Idaho Family saga) to anyone who enjoys clean western romances.

It reminded me in the style of Amish romances that I read, minus Melinda not being Amish. Only Melinda would attempt to go out in a blizzard, and put herself at risk from frostbite, but thankfully she is found by one of her students' father, who takes her in and keeps her safe until the storm blows over.

Melinda is a well educated lady from Boston who moves to Bear Lake, Idaho to be a schoolteacher. I grew up in Bear Lake, and I think half the fun reading this book was revisiting the places I miss.