by Kaitlyn O'Connor

Reuel CO469 is tall, dark, and infinitely dangerous. His is the face that launched a million flyers. He is the first of his kind, the first cyborg to go rogue, the leader of all who'd come after him, and the only rogue nobody has ever come close to catching. From the moment Dalia first sets eyes on him, she knows she is lost. She can no more resist his dark allure than she can cease to breathe

  • Series: Cyberevolution
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Rating: 3.71
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: March 31st 2005 by New Concepts Publishing
  • Isbn10: 1586087029
  • Isbn13: 9781586087029

What People Think about "Abiogenesis"

Finally, the book about the most interesting cyborg so far: Reuel. She is a cyborg hunter and she will be thrown in this situation without realising it. Can Reuel, Dalia and Pierce learn how to communicate and form a family unit? I loved the "memories manipulation" concept that I have seen in several sci-fi films and this is definitely a concept that it can be exploited further in the next books. You couldn't love me and hurt me like that.

Reuel's the leader of the rouge cyborgs and he is ALWAYS a step ahead of the rest. Dalia just doesn't understand the insane attraction she feels for Reuel. As more rouge cyborgs are rescued, an old, very attractive friend, by the name of Pierce is among them. Pierce, Rouge Hunter, Cyborg Perfection Pierce was in Dalia's training class and was not only her best friend. Rouge hunters were never allowed to date but now that they are free, Pierce is determined to make Dalia his!! But he has only ever loved Dalia. There are two love stories in this book and they both revolve around Dalia.

This book was first published around 2005, and I first read it about that time. I wasn't aware of Goodreads at that time (if it was around then), so keeping up with stuff isn't an exact science with me. It's not humorous, but that's not saying the story isn't pretty good. In the beginning of the book, he's spacing around the universe, doing all sorts of things such as rescuing/capturing cyborgs, getting his DNA surreptitiously implanted into Dalia, setting up ambushes, and so forth. I can understand some of this because these books weren't originally written in the same series order that the author's website now says is the correct order, and at times they seem a little out of sync, but sometimes also better in sync, if that makes sense. Anyhooooo, I'll likely read this again in a few years, but I reduced my rating by 1 star this time around.

***** Previous review 06/24/11 Terrible cover - fantastic book. I am more and more impressed by this author with every book I read.

I do love this series, see my reviews for Cyborg and Cyborg Nation for the back story. This is actually the first story of this series (I read it backwards and still loved it!) -- the story of Reuel and Dalia. The Cyborgs are trying to create their own civilization and Dalia is now pregnant with the first Cyborg offspring.

At points I also felt as if the author was insulting her own character's intelligence - did it really take them until Dalia pointed it out for the other cyborgs to figure out that all the women were named for flowers, and all the men president's? (before she went off the deep end...her scenes with Anita, Jean Clause and Asher....HOOO!) I just couldn't stomach what felt like misogynistic overtones to the whole book, and I think the characters needed about 100 pages more of fleshing out.

It seemed like the scenes were there but they should have been longer and more developed. For example in the hold on the way to the cyborg planet there is a woman who everyone knows is crazy and the heroine, Dahlia, is certain that the woman hates her and will attack her. And then after all this build up, the cyborgs take the bad girl away before she can attack Dahlia.

The premise was interesting and drew a sad portrayal of a futuristic earth.

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