Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies

Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies

by Gregg Jackson

Radio host and author Gregg Jackson has written THE authoritative answer book for conservatives concerning our nations key concerns: Abortions, terrorism, the Patriot Act, separation of church and state, immigration, the environment, homosexual marriage, taxes, deficits, school vouchers, gun control, health care, social security, education, media bias, and President Bush s real record of achievements.

What makes Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies so important is that it gives conservatives, right-leaning independents, and even disaffected Democrats the truth they need to counter common liberal claims.

Here is a brilliant, A-to-Z reference book that gives readers clear-cut answers on today s most pressing political and social issues.

Conservative Comeback to Liberal Lies should be in the hands of every red-blooded conservative in America!

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  • Publish Date: July 1st 2006 by Jaj Publishing
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What People Think about "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies"

That trail of dead bodies following the Clintons is even longer now.

"liberal lies" made the greatest impression on, a "registered democrat" who is pizzed off at the way the party has devolved, a party of deceit. take anything they say, and pretty much ignore it, a party of hypocrisy, lies, deceit. lies, deceit...

These responses aupported by clear evidence left liberals wordless and pissed off.

He takes 26 topics, lists the typical liberal claim put forth, and then the conservative rebuttal. For example, the letter O stands for Operation Iraqi Freedom, the liberal claim is War never solved anything, the conservative rebuttal is that war eradicated Communism, Nazism, and fascism I would add slavery:. Jacksons book is a useful yet flawed effort. For example, libs often claim that trillion dollar Ronny massively increased the deficit because of his tax cuts. For those completely ignorant of tax policy and devoid of the ability to critically reason, the claim that it was the tax cuts that lead to larger deficits sounds not only plausible but convincing. Tax revenues increased dramatically over the course of Reagans presidency, doubling from $519 billion in 1980 to $1 trillion in 1989. No, the deficit went up because spending outpaced even the increased gains in tax revenue. In fact, for every increased $1 of revenue, the libs in the Democratic Congress spent $1.29. Pointing out these numbers, which are publicly available on government websites and in good research books, is where Jackson excels. Jacksons Sue Graftonesque strategy of listing a topic for each letter of the alphabet is unoriginal, unhelpful, and damages the overall effectiveness of the book. I spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the Reagan example used above and still never found the chart I remember reading that showed the year by year analysis of spending and tax revenues. At the same time, discrete topics mean that reading the book from beginning to end lacks an overall coherence. It probably would have been better to have 4 or 5 major topics such as economics and taxation, military policy and radical Islam, government programs that have failed such as Social Security and Medicare, and the liberal media. That way, Jackson can consolidate all the related claims and responses into some broader areas and reduce the repetition. A notable contradiction is when Jackson rightly rails against libs government spending and the immoral transfer of wealth Social Security and Medicare represent, but then praises Bush for Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefits package. Rummel, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, found that in the 20th century, governments murdered 170 million of their own people while combat claimed 38.5 million lives. Mustard of the University of Chicago conducted one of the most comprehensive studies of firearm laws ever, analyzing gun ownership and FBI crime data for each of the nations 3,045 counties during and eighteen-year period1977 to 1994As more people obtain permits, there is a greater decline in the violent crime rates. Stricter enforcement of capital punishment does, in fact, deter crimeOf 432 executions during a twenty-year period, each execution prevented about 5.5 murders, according to a 2001 University of Colorado study which examined the deterrence effect of the death penalty. Tax revenues during the Reagan years increased 28 percent, but spending increased 36 percent. Liberal Democrats often imply Reagans tax cuts were irresponsible because they caused the massive deficits of the 1980s. They fail to acknowledge the fact that tax revenues doubled as a result of the cuts. For example, in 1997, the capital gains tax rate was reduced from 28 percent to 20 percent. Based on data taken from the Census Bureau, the study concluded, Illegal alien households on average are estimated to use $2,700 a year more in services than they pay in taxes, creating a total fiscal burden of nearly $10.4 billion on the federal budget in 2002.

Reading Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies has helped me achieve a new understanding of the true hypocrisy of the Liberal left. Plot Summary: Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies begins with an introduction to the lies and hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and the ways it has been hurting the Republicans over the last decade. The next segment discusses the need for discipline of criminals, where the right supports strict punishment and the left wants leaner sentencing and less harsh penalties for repeat offenders. The letter N represents the 9/11 Attacks and the threat the United States has been under that the Democratic Party does not see. X stands for xenophobia and how the left says physical barriers are immoral and xenophobic, while the right explains the legal and economic issues with illegal immigration. The next chapter discusses the way the United States of America was founded and what makes it such a great system. Overall Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies is a great book for those interested in politics and those who want to combat the lies and hypocrisy of the Liberal Left.