Love Unspoken

Love Unspoken

by Carole Mortimer

"Zach Reedman's bitter accusation had been the death knell of his marriage to Julie.

A love too strong and passionate to resist had led them quickly to the altar, but even after her vows Julie's career had come before her husband.Older and wiser, she met Zach again, And as the wounds time had never fully healed were reopened, so once more was her heart....

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.15
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: September 1st 1983 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 037310636X
  • Isbn13: 9780373106363

What People Think about "Love Unspoken"

Julie told Ben (Zach's bro) a portion of what triggered the collapse of her marriage 3 years ago : "So unnaturally angry that he raped me." His no-brainer response : "He what ?" Ben thundered. "It can't be called rape between a man & his wife, Julie. "He hit me, he threw me on the floor and he -- he raped me." So I take it, if Julie told Ben that she & Zach boned each otha doggie style & Zach only changed his underpants once in a blue moon, Ben wouldn't believe it either, would he ? A special shout-out to Zach. He told her harshly. He said in a strangled voice. Drawled a deeply sarcastic voice. He repeated harshly. He said in a brisk voice. He asked huskily. He snapped curtly. He snapped angrily. He told her arrogantly. He said raggedly. He said deeply. How could U not fall head over toes for this uber jealous-possessive, easily-provoked, super animated dreamboat, who's alternately grey & pale beneath his tan when the moment called for it (depends on the lighting & time of the month) ? Typical of frail, quivering HP heroines w/ damaged childhood, Julie doesnt have the constitution of tough-as-nail journalist, she faints upon reuniting w/ estranged hubby. She faints again when tripping over a tool during heated argument w/ Zach. Zach & Julie won't be featured on Baba Wawa's "Most fascinating imaginary peeps" episode anytime soon. Julie's platonic friendship w/ poor Steve is driving him bonkers cuz he's desperate to get in her pants, but she says no way, Jose. Then he gets the bombshell that Julie's technically still hitched to Zach. Steve finally gets the message loud & clear that Julies just not that into him. Zach just happens to lurk around the corner, boinks the living nitelights outta her right after Julie / Steve's break-up. Zach bails out the next AM. On the otha side of spectrum, we're told later on that Zach's sensitivity chip is missing too, he cries out Julie's name when he's w/ GF, she dumps Zach cuz he's still hung up on Julie. We're told of the airplane hijack, we're told by Julie's BFF (who's married to Zach's bro & is ecstatic H/h are an item again), that Zach drank a lot after H/h went to splitsville. I lost count the # of times Zach's malleable lips / mouth tightened & twisted, not in a normal way, in a bitterly fashion ! The hysterical mom in a panic mode cuz hubby seemed to be avoiding her like the plague for unfathomable reason- was allowed to check out, escorted personally by the Obstetrician, w/out so much as AMA (Against Medical Advice) form. The hero predictably had a meltdown & produced a twinge of fluids in his eyes @ the end, upon discovery she had the miscarriage 3 years ago the same nite as he raped her.

Heroine had left him on their first anniversary after the hero hit and raped her in a jealous rage. There is so much bad behavior in this story, I dont even know where to start. Heroine wasnt going to tell the hero she was pregnant, but he eventually finds out after she faints all over the place. Heroine has to leave her hospital bed to go to hero because shes worried about him.

She had an unhappy childhood where her mother desperately loved her father and he didn't return the feeling. The, h is therefore determined not to give away that much of herself and to never marry and have children. We learn over the course of the story that the marriage failed because Zack was so crazy jealous over Julie's career and the fact that she often traveled with a male photographer. Zack is furious she's ditching their anniversary (I can get that), but he's also convinced she's sleeping with the photographer who'll be her partner on the trip (she wasn't).

Something in the air, because I cant explain it, I really liked this onealmost loved it, actually, until the end. The book begins with the heroine, Julie, a jet-setting journalist, having been just released by terrorists who held her and fellow flight-mates hostage. Steve knows Julie was involved with the Zack Reedman in the past, in fact, had a year-long affair with him, so could it be old feelings for him that hold her back? Julie adamantly denies having any attachment to Zack, but that couldnt be further from the truth. But time is not on Julies side, because her best friend is married to Zacks brother and invites her to spend some time convalescing at their home in the country. This is when Julie drops the bombshell: in a final rage, Zack beat and raped her, putting an end to their once loving relationship. Julie does her best to hide the pregnancy from Zack, but he finds out anyway. Were well near the end of the book, but Zack hasnt changed one bit and stopped being a jealous lout, because he falsely accuses Julie of hiding that secret because he wasnt the babys father. Finally, after having given birth to their child, Zack discovers one more truth: it was due to his violent rape of Julie that she miscarried their first child. That was the reason Julie always kept her self at a distance from Zack, because she never wanted to love as deeply as her mother did.

One of the things I enjoyed was the way that the author succeeded in portraying the hero's thoughts and feelings even though the entire story was told from the heroine's POV. For those who have a hot button on the issue, the story does revolve around the hero having raped the heroine 3 years ago. Two minor things I didn't like were (view spoiler)that he hadn't been missing her and plotting to get her back.

I liked that the heroine was a kick-ass career journalist and she didnt let anyone stand in her way, not even the Hero.

This one,like the other one that I read, takes place several years after the 'main event' that lead to the breakup of the marrige, so the emotions,imo, have dulled some what.

Yet despite other deluded women wanting in his pants he still tries to get into hers.