Oliver's Story

Oliver's Story

by Erich Segal

Oliver Barrett IV found his true soulmate when he met and fell in love with Jenny Cavilleri. Their love was magical, exhilarating . . . and though heartbreakingly brief, it was enough to last a lifetime. Or so Oliver told himself.Two years have passed since Jenny was taken from him, and Oliver truly believes he will never love again. Then one day, Marciebeautiful and mysteriousenters his world . . . and suddenly the future holds a golden new promise.The poignant and unforgettable sequel to the beloved classic Love Story is a beautiful tale of one man's journey out of the lonely darkness of grief and back into love's warm embrace a story that will capture your heart as only Erich Segal can.

  • Series: Love Story
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.19
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: June 26th 2012 by Avon
  • Isbn10: 0380018446
  • Isbn13: 9780380018444

What People Think about "Oliver's Story"

This was yet another tribute to Oliver's and Jenni's epic Love story, is what I felt.

OLIVER'S STORY in my opinion does a disservice to the overly romantic Love Story. But when Oliver does meet a woman, and does have a torrid love affair, which I felt was mainly filler for a weak story line, ghosts of his past continuously haunt him.

Let me start by saying I did like Love Story. I hated this book. And I very rarely hate a book. Im reviewing this book a week after reading it in the hope that some of the anger would have subsided. 3. Listen to this: For some unfathomable reason, Oliver, I like you. And I swear, it feels like hes looked up the place and Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V-ed everything he could find. If this was actually a book about him coping with Jennys death, it might have been better. Ive never cared about Oliver much, and I doubt Id ever be able to read Love Story again because of this.

And since I loved Love Story, no one could stop me from reading this one, even if I know that Jenny wouldn't be in it. I was totally into Jenny and Oliver's love story that I couldn't let it go. With his new life with Marcie, I thought he could live again; fall in love once more; be with someone else and have a happy and satisfying family. It turns out, Jenny was, is and forever will be Oliver's only one true love. Every time I think of this book, I can't help but wish Love Story and Oliver's Story didn't end like that.

(view spoiler) Buku kedua ini menceritakan bagaimana patah hati berkepanjangan yang dialami oleh Ollie setelah kematian istrinya. Mungkin karena itu juga, gue merasa buku ini lebih berkesan daripada buku pertama. Dan gue masih belum lupa gimana rasanya bertanya-tanya apakah hati yang sudah pernah hancur berkeping-keping ini bisa direkatkan lagi serpihannya satu persatu? Lebih tepatnya mencari tahu apakah si hati yang sudah pernah patah ini bisa berfungsi dengan baik seperti semula. Ada yang bisa ditanya-tanya lagi apa dia disana. Jadi ada yang nanya-nanyain juga, lagi apa gue disini. Tapi seperti Ollie yang masih ekstra hati-hati melindungi hatinya yang sudah terlanjur rapuh, gue juga gitu sih. Kalau pada akhirnya Ollie masih belum jadi sama siapa-siapa, sebenernya kisah itu tidak berhenti sampai disitu. Terus ngapain juga itu rangkuman semua tokoh-tokoh yang pernah ada di buku kedua ditaruh di belakang? Seakan-akan si penulis ngga mau lagi meneruskan kisah hidup Ollie dan pencariannya? Apa selamanya ia akan terkungkung oleh kenangan Jenny yang tidak bisa pergi dan tergantikan? Mungkin bagi Ollie, bagaimana mungkin dia bisa mendapatkan lagi yang lebih baik, saat dia sebenarnya sudah pernah mendapatkan yang terbaik, dan bagian terbaik itu direnggut paksa dari hidupnya? Tapi tadi baru kepikiran aja di perjalanan menuju kantor, tentang salah satu tokoh yang sebenarnya memegang peranan penting di buku ini: Dr. London. Yang gue rasakan sih sebenernya setiap orang itu pasti punya kebutuhan untuk curhat. Mungkin aja Ollie, atau gue, yang terlalu dalem. Jadinya, mereka yang bisa membaca dan mengenali apa yang lagi gue rasakan.

Yes Love Story ended off with Jenny's death leaving Oliver miserable and lonely for the rest of his life. In Love Story, we saw how perfectly Oliver and Jennifer fell in love with each other, and even more perfect when they started living together. Then comes Jenny's dad, who thinks Oliver is miserable and lonely and advises him to date women. They started dating, but I'm sue you won't feel a thing, as you felt while reading about Oliver and Jenny's date. But this after-life of Oliver's story was way too moving and emotional.

Oliver sta affrontando la vita dopo la perdita del suo grande amore, Jenny. Nonostante viene spronato a guardare avanti, non riesce a vedere nessuna accanto a lui. Il sangue scorre in quella che era una statua." Leggere di un Oliver senza la sua Jenny già sembra strano, ma leggere di un uomo che nemmeno si accorge che sta annaspando nella vita è anche peggio. Oliver sa che non potrà più riavere indietro la sua amata, nonostante tolga le sue cose e cambi casa, nulla muta. Ma per quanto Oliver sappia che deve andare avanti non ne sente l'esigenza. Anche se Jenny ormai è morta, la sua presenza è forte e ci permette di capire la grandezza di questo amore che va oltre tutto e tutti.