Pagan Surrender

Pagan Surrender

by Robyn Donald

Kieran is fired by a dangerous excitement; he remains as threatening as the dark clouds of an impending storm.

But is there any hope for a relationship where the final surrender remains shrouded by so many unanswered questions?

  • Series: Surrender
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.28
  • Pages: 189
  • Publish Date: July 1st 1994 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 037311639X
  • Isbn13: 9780373116393

What People Think about "Pagan Surrender"

Tegan was only 18 to Kieran's 27 or so, and Tegan's mum had gone home, so Tegan listened and got scared and then ran away and became an interior designer with HER BFF Blair - who is the h of the next book Paradise Lost. Tegan and Blair have a nice little interior design business going, but there has been a recession and they kinda need some commissions badly. So Blair leaves on her business trip, Tegan goes and does Kieran's house because he is supposed to be out of the country for the next several weeks and things are moving along. Tegan has a temper, but Kieran is the client and they need the job, so she sucks it up and gets on with things, managing to parry Kieran's insults and Pagan Circe comments. So Tegan reassures Blair's kinda wimpy husband, Gerald, that an unspecified source has been assuring her that things will be okay and Kieran and Tegan have a bit of getting to know each other time. Tho when Tegan has to go a party for one of the houses she redesigned and in Blair's absence has to troll for customers, (cause she wants to keep the business going as a way of honoring Blair,) Kieran makes nasty Tart Harlot Pagan Circe comments again and Tegan is NOT amused. Her mum had to give up a potentially brilliant acting career to stay home and be the doctor's wife to Tegan's dad and then there was the whole Sam the weirdo incident. She is making all kinds of accusations about Tegan taking her man and keeps trying to claw Tegan with her Jungle Red nails, cause Andrea's live in lover who is also Kieran's employee, has finally dumped her hysterical, nematode slime pustule hiney. Tegan and Kieran finally get together to consummate their big lurve club moment, after Kieran explains about his mother not being able to stand living on his dad's cattle station in isolation after they married. Just when Andrea's boyfriend first met Tegan and got flirty, Kieran claimed he wanted let the past go. Up until that time, Kieran had been an utter donkey butt to Tegan and upon further research, every time Tegan accidentally ran into Andrea's boyfriend, Kieran stepped up the passion mojo until they finally had their big bang. But Kieran stops mid roofie kissing moment and runs away, cause he doesn't want to sleep with a woman who thinks he is little better than a rapist, he will resist any demands Pagan Circe Tegan makes for a Pagan Surrender! Tegan has a mopey moment or seventeen, but she gets on with life cause her redo of Kieran's house has brought in a ton of commissions. There is a weepy moment or two and Tegan's mum explains that yes, she could have been a great actress - maybe if she had more inner ruthless drive to get to the top- but she loved Tegan's dad more and the area needed a doctor, so he couldn't leave. So Tegan's mum made her choice to seduce Tegan's dad and get preggers with Tegan, cause if she hadn't, she would have always had huge, big regrets and life is not meant to be lived with mourning the road not taken. Tegan feels a little better that at least she took the lurve club shot with Kieran and Tegan's dad comes home with a fish for dinner and explains how that was an epic battle fought out on the high seas in a row boat. Kieran asks about Sam the Weirdo first tho and Tegan explains her side of the story. Cause he has only loved Tegan, ever and he was horrified when he was overwhelmingly attracted to her while he was yelling at her for hurting Sam the weirdo ten years earlier. Now Kieran feels bad for Sam, but happy for himself, cause he and Tegan are getting married and walking together for the rest of their lives, making each other as happy as they can for the very nice and pink sparkly rainbow RD HPlandia HEA.

To add to the story line, the hero has a drug-addicted sister and the heroine's business partner has been kidnapped while trying to land an interior design commission in a Middle Eastern country.

Ten years later, Tegan has an interior design firm with her best friend, and they've put in a bid to work on the fancy old house Kieran has recently bought. I liked that she had a job she was good at, friends, and that she was 28, and that she didn't secretly think that Kieran was right about her being a bad person.

Robyn read them, too, of course, and so enjoyed them she spent the next couple of years hunting down more Mills and Boon books. This was much more difficult then than it is today, so she decided to write her own, and for the following busy 10 years she wrote and hoped that one day she would finish a manuscript good enough that was good enough to send to a publisher. While he was recovering, he suggested that Robyn finish the manuscript she was writing and send it off.