by Arthur Hailey

As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature that is endangering thousands of lives. And in the air, a lone plane struggles to reach its destination. Over the course of seven pulse-pounding hours, a tense human drama plays out as a brilliant airport manager, an arrogant pilot, a tough maintenance man, and a beautiful stewardess strive to avert disaster.Featuring a diverse cast of vibrant characters, Airport is both a realistic depiction of the airline industry and a novel of nail-biting suspense.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.94
  • Pages: 476
  • Publish Date: August 1st 2000 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 0425176088
  • Isbn13: 9780425176085

What People Think about "Airport"

For me, knowing as little as I do about airport management or piloting a commercial aircraft, what stood out the most was the changes in security protocol. It is no longer possible for people who are not ticketed passengers to get on board a commercial aircraft prior to takeoff and the security protocols for passengers and their luggage is much more rigid. All available maintenance personnel are being directed to this problem which is putting undue strain on air traffic control. A United Air Lines food truck was lost out there somewhere, presumably snowbound, in the airport perimeter and so far all efforts to locate it had failed. The blocked runway necessitated redirecting outbound flights to an alternate runway rarely utilized these days owing to the fact that it meant air traffic ascending directly overhead a community called Meadowood and due to the inclement weather most pilots were not adhering to noise abatement procedures. Mel Bakersfeld, the airport general manager, was juggling many different priorities tonight not the least of which was his wifes insistence that he join her at some social event in the city. Vernon was at the airport early tonight in preparation for his flight on The Golden Argosy, Trans Americas prestige flight to Rome.

So much has changed in the aviation business that I'm not sure younger readers would be able to relate to a lot of the details in the story. I'm old enough that I remember being able to go to the gate to see off a family member, or meet someone as they come off of a flight. Particularly towards the end when the story arcs come together and the pace changes from the details of running the airport and build towards the emergency at the end.

Released on 1968 I know that some of Hailey's predictions about commercial aviation have not come true, others have and then there are events that were probably outside of Mr. Hailey's imagination at the time he was writing this novel. However ,despite the obvious dated details throughout the novel (not to mention the depiction of females and relations between men and women), it's still a very effective read. There are hints of that of course (this was a mainstream novel written in the late sixties after all), but what I found myself reading was a well-researched and competently written novel of a modern airport.

Absolutely loved this book.

Some author would describe more than one generation, some would use it to live a life of a specific character, some would show a reader different worlds or different times - a lot of possibilities. Arthur Hailey decided to use them just for one evening, not even a day. Place.You are introduced to the airport as the main setting of the evening, the centre would sound better. No. That is what I like - possibility to get into different mind, to see the situation from different perspectives, to understand the motives and how different lives and actions lead to each other and meet somewhere. Still the main part is left for you to write a continuation into your mind. Maybe some don't like that kind of ending, some prefer everything to be clear.

Esta caracterización resulta tan exagerada que Aeropuerto como novela ya no es conocida ni siquiera por su adaptación a la pantalla, sino por la parodia de ésta (al igual que las novelas de caballerías son conocidas más por el Quijote). Hubo tantos aspectos de la trama que no podía sino leer con una sonrisa acordándome de Y dónde quedó el piloto? Hablando de eso: he aquí una lista de cosas de cómo operaban las aerolíneas y los aeropuertos en 1968 que me parecieron curiosas: No había checks de seguridad (wtf?) Un pariente podía ir a despedir a sus familiares no sólo a la puerta del avión, sino hasta su asiento mismo si era necesario (wtf?) Uno podía meterse de polizón en un avión (wtf?) La mayor amenaza terrorista era la gente que quería hacer fraudes de seguros de vida (wtf?) Y cosas más normales y que todos sabemos como que antes daban cubiertos de metal y cristalería y todo mundo se los robaba, además de que nadie se rompía las rodillas con el respaldo del asiento de en frente, la comida era decente y se podía fumar en el avión.

The only redeeming value about this book was it's descriptions of the inner workings on a large airport ca.

After working at a number of jobs and writing part-time, he became a writer full-time during 1956, encouraged by the success of the CBC television drama, Flight into Danger (in print as Runway Zero Eight ). A Canadian citizen whose children live in Canada and California, Hailey made his home in Lyford Cay, an exclusive residential resort on New Providence Island in the Bahamas with his second wife Sheila.